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Fallout: New Vegas (PC) review

The very first option you get to tinker with.
The very first option you get to tinker with.
Ken Kriho

Fallout: New Vegas (PC)


Fallout: New Vegas is a first person shooter/RPG hybrid developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda. The game was released on October 19th, 2010. The story is Benny has stolen The Courier’s (namely, your character’s) platinum chip and was left for dead. Now you return from your “death” and want vengeance on Benny for what he did.

Fallout New Vegas: journey into the Mojave wasteland
Ken Kriho

Graphics-The scenery is quite good and makes a good impression on what the rest of the game has in store. The character models, however, don’t look as impressive and have unrealistic movement animations.

Sound-The soundtrack has a nice array of songs, but they’re not a memorable as Fallout 3’s soundtrack. The voice acting is pretty good, and don’t have the stereotypical southern accent attached to them.

Gameplay-Gameplay remains the same as in Fallout 3, except now you can gamble at casinos and play a card game called Caravan.

Bugs-If there’s one thing this game was noted for, it was bugs. LOTS of bugs! The company wanted to release the game before Christmas, which isn’t a problem, but the real problem lies in the fact that if a company releases a game, and there are bugs still present, then they shouldn’t have released it in the first place. Bottom line: if ANY company wants to release a game, rather than take a risk and get a negative reception, get rid of ANY bugs and glitches first! Even if it means delaying the game itself, it’s better than releasing a buggy game.

Overall-Fallout: New Vegas isn’t a bad game, but with bugs still present despite the downloadable content and patches, this is a game that you should only play if you haven’t played any of the others.

Score: 4/5

You can get Fallout: New Vegas from Steam or Xbox Live

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