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Fallout 2 Review

Fallout 2 Title/Menu
Fallout 2 Title/Menu
Ken Kriho

Fallout 2


Fallout 2 is a post-apocalyptic RPG game released on September 30th, 1998. The game was published by Interplay studios until 2013, and now is being published by Bethesda as of 2014, and developed by Black Isle Studios. The story takes place 80 years after the first game, and now instead of being called the Vault Dweller, your character is the Chosen one, a descendant of the Vault Dweller, and he/she has to find the G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit), and bring in back to your tribe so that they can create a more productive community. Should this game be like the G.E.C.K. and bring enjoyment, or should the game be forgotten in the barren wasteland?

Graphics-For the most part, the graphics are identical to the first game. One improvement seen is the animation is a lot smoother and flows nicer than in the first game.

Sound-The sound is also the same as the first game, although new soundtracks are implemented into each area.

Gameplay-Gameplay is exactly the same as the first game. There really is nothing new introduced in this game that hasn’t been done in the first game.

G.E.C.K.-If the G.E.C.K. was a real device, it would make the world a better place, as third world countries would thrive with the G.E.C.K. But on the other hand, since the G.E.C.K. has such potential, there would be anarchy on who would get possession of it.

Overall-While this game took baby steps in the improvement department; at least those steps are in the right direction. The game itself is just as good as the first game.

Score: 4/5

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