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Falling Skies – “’Til Death Do Us Part” Top Three Moments

Falling Skies is going to the moon!
Falling Skies is going to the moon!
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Falling Skies, S4 Ep 9 'Til Death Do Us Part


Falling Skies Season 4, Episode 9 "'Til Death Do Us Part"
Air Date: Sunday, August 17, 2014 at 10/9c on TNT

“’Til Death Do Us Part” is another romantic episode amid the ominous dread looming above, literally. New evidence shows the Espheni power grid is on the moon’s surface and if they can destroy it, they might just have a fighting chance at winning this war. With Tom’s (Noah Wyle) elaborate scheme to unearth the wrecked alien beamer ship buried under the ruble in order to fly to the moon, there isn’t much time for celebrating Tom and Anne’s (Moon Bloodgood) nuptials. The only question is – where is Lexi (Scarlett Byrne)? Is the training she’s undergoing taking place on the moon?

Top 3 Moments of “’Til Death Do Us Part”

Moment #3 — Heroic Moves. If you’ve ever doubted Anne’s (Moon Bloodgood) love for Tom (Noah Wyle), her bold move to save him from Team Leader Kent Matthews (Dakota Daulby) will put those doubts to rest. As Tom finds himself trapped inside an empty cargo container surrounded by an inferno, Kent waits patiently for him to emerge, ready to kill. Anne to the rescue! She’s already been wounded but jumps out from her hiding place, shouting to distract Kent long enough for Tom to do his tuck-n-roll move, and grab Anne’s loaded gun on the ground. There is something Kent says before he takes his last breath. He says he’s “not a traitor,” he’s “the new patriot.” New patriot? The world hasn’t ended and there are still those loyal to the human race, not merging with an invading alien race trying to wipe us out. But there is a happy ending – Tom and Anne get married! It’s an impromptu ceremony yet you can feel the love emanating from both of them…despite one of Cochise’s (Doug Jones) Volm soldier’s interrupting them.

Moment #2 — Puppy Love Gone Bad. Matt (Maxim Knight) isn’t having much luck in the romance department, at least not anymore. After he was rescued from the Espheni reform school, he reluctantly left behind his girlfriend, Mira (Desiree Ross). I think we all knew Mira wasn’t as strong as Matt, and without him helping her, she was manipulated into believing the Espheni way is the only way. One day, Matt will listen to his father. Tom tied Mira up for a good reason. Her betrayal isn’t a surprise to me but I really enjoyed how the writers set it up, allowing Ross to showcase her acting chops. Ross impresses me with her ability to be so sweet and vulnerable but when Matt finally unties her hands, she changes into this calloused young girl blowing the whistle to signal the Espheni and the Team Leaders to attack.

Moment #1 — Kiss Me, I’ve Got Alien DNA, Too. Maggie (Sarah Sanguin Carter) is having a difficult time adjusting to her new alien DNA and spikes. The power surging through her coupled with her new abilities makes it difficult for her to keep still. Hal (Drew Roy) suggests Ben (Connor Jessup) help Maggie by showing her how to control her powers. Come on, you know what’s going to happen next, right? I have been waiting for this moment. The strangest love triangle on Falling Skies is finally coming to pass. In “Ghost in the Machine,” when Ben first woke up in the tranquil China Town settlement and found Maggie, their connection was re-established. In “The Eye,” their chemistry was slightly awkward to watch because Ben seems so much younger than Maggie. Maggie is the quintessential older woman for him, and despite knowing Maggie is his brother’s girlfriend, Ben can’t fight how he feels. So of course, with Maggie now having been implanted with some of Ben’s spikes, her feelings, as I suspected, were going to be magnified. She said she didn’t feel anything for Ben before but I call bullshit on that one. She had to have some feelings for him. They were together, without Hal, for months. Maggie is the one who charges toward Ben, planting a whopper of a kiss on him. I can see the pain in Hal’s eyes as he accidentally walks up to see this going on. I wondered in my Top Three last week if Maggie would choose Hal. With this new development, I’m not so sure she will.

What are your top moments of “’Til Death Do Us Part?” I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment here or tweet me @judybopp.

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