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Falling Skies, S4 Ep 4 – “Evolve or Die” Recap.

Falling Skies Season 4 Key Art
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Falling Skies, S4 Ep 4 – “Evolve or Die” Recap.


Falling Skies – “Evolve or Die” Recap.
Season 4, Episode 4
Air Date: Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 10/9c on TNT

Tom (Noah Wyle) and Weaver (Will Patton) finally learn where Tom’s youngest son Matt (Maxim Knight) is, courtesy of Cochise (Doug Jones). Tom leaves eldest son Hal (Drew Roy) in charge of the survivors but Hal’s command comes into question when supplies run low and Pope (Colin Cunningham) goes rogue. On his unsanctioned mission, Pope runs into trouble, whose name is Sara (Mira Sorvino). Meanwhile, things in peaceful China Town are upended when Anne (Moon Bloodgood) questions her daughter Lexi’s (Scarlett Byrne) affiliation with the Espheni.

My Picks For Top Moments of “Evolve or Die”

— Cochise is attacked by a creature that we later discover is Weaver’s daughter Jeanne (Laci J. Mailey). She probably thought she was protecting her father but poor Cochise looks like he’s suffering a bit. Thankfully, he’s able to self-heal with rest. It’s curious that the black substance Jeanne leaves behind doesn’t affect Weaver at all when he touches it. Could the venom be engineered specifically for the Volm alien race? Remember, the Espheni are creating these hybrid human/aliens so maybe they are designing them to take out their enemies, the Volm.

— Weaver thinks he may be seeing things but it’s not a hallucination. I didn’t know what or who it is but I had a feeling it was his long lost daughter Jeanne. Her transformation is grotesque but underneath it all, Jeanne is still in there, especially her memories of her father and the need to protect him. If this transformation is what the Espheni has in mind when saying, “Evolve or die,” I’m not sure the humans are going to be able to fully evolve into what the Espheni hope to achieve.

— Anne intercepts Lexi on her way to meet with an Espheni overlord. Through Ben’s (Connor Jessup) old harness spikes, it is able to communicate with Anne. Anne isn’t convinced of the Espheni’s good intentions and she’s right. Ben is able to sense ulterior motives after the connection is broken. Lexi isn’t happy with her mother right now. Again, she goes all Firestarter on everyone when Anne tries to take the Espheni overlord prisoner. Wait, did the Espheni call Anne “mother?” Oh yes it did! Maybe that dream she had wasn’t a dream after all; maybe it was a memory. How and when did the Espheni have access to Anne while she was pregnant? I hope more is revealed soon.

— Tom going totally bonkers on Team Leader Kent (Dakota Daulby) who has Matt in a headlock. Don’t underestimate the power of a father’s vengeance. Matt doesn’t back down when Kent confronts him and stands his ground. Kent takes full advantage of the situation by using his height and weight differential over Matt. Night, night, Kent. Tom really hit him hard. He’ll probably have one hell of a headache and some serious bruising in the morning.

— We see the Espheni overlord that Tom burnt with his blow torch pick up some dirt creating what looks like a red hot piece of coal. Through this coal, he seems to be transported, though maybe in mind only, and is able to communicate to another Espheni overlord and they discuss something quite profound — Lexi and her powers. “His [Tom] daughter is more powerful than we imagined. She will become a weapon unlike any other and she’ll be ours…soon she will come to full maturation and the transformation will begin.” Say what? Lexi hasn’t fully matured yet and there is still more transformation to come? What exactly is Lexi? How did she evolve into this powerful being? What kind of weapon will she be?

“Evolve or Die” is quite the revealing episode. With Weaver discovering the true intentions of the Espheni’s reimagined idea of human evolution, and learning about the Espheni’s knowledge of Lexi and her abilities, “Evolve or Die” sets up many new interesting plot points that I hope will be expanded sooner rather than later. My question is about the Volm. Something doesn’t add up. What are their plans? Cochise’s father left Earth and there are only a handful of Volm remaining to help the humans but what are they doing to defeat the Espheni?

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