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FAITH'S REWARD by Tammy Barley

FaIth's Reward by Tammy Barley


Ada Brownell is my guest reviewer today. She is the author of Swallowed by LIFE: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal.

Ada’s Blog:

Here’s what Ada had to say about: FAITH’S REWARD by Tammy Barley

Jessica and Jake Bennett struggle to protect each other and their unborn child, but severe weather, men who murdered her parents, and those who stole her inheritance threaten their financial survival and their lives.
Jessica is a fighter, though, and frequently disobeys others’ advice and goes out on her own to solve problems. Sometimes it gets her into trouble, like the dangerous visit to an Indian village to ask for pneumonia remedies.
Then she dresses up to look like her mother and visits the banker she knows was involved in the plot to murder her parents and take their money. Will her strategy help her get enough evidence to convict the crooks or bring about more deaths?
With some of the things she does, Jessica believes she is protecting her husband, with whom she has a deep loving relationship. At first, she doesn’t know Jake is committed to stopping a group of soldiers intent on continuing the Civil War, although the war is over, and this adds a definite complication.
The author knows how to paint a scene, set you down in it, then makes you wonder how Jessica could put herself into so many dangerous situations. But then you know the answer. Jessica needs these criminals to be unmasked and possibly hang. But how can a pregnant woman bring them to justice?

Ada recommends Faith’s Reward.


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