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'Fairy' by Shane McKenzie

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Samhain Publishing

Fairy by Shane McKenzie


I am always looking for new sources of horror fiction and was happy when I had the opportunity to get some review copies of upcoming or recently released books by Samhain Publishing. I decided to take my first journey into the publisher’s catalogue with a short novella by Shane McKenzie entitled “Fairy.”

Cecilia works helping pregnant women bring their newborn children into the world. At first glance, this may seem like a rewarding job. Unfortunately for Cecilia, it is a constant reminder that she cannot have the one thing in life that she really desires. More than anything else, Cecilia wants to be a mother but she is unable to conceive. This has become a dark presence in her life and even caused the dissolution of her marriage. Cecilia’s longing for a child of her own is becoming stronger with every child she helps enter the world.

When Cecilia’s boss realized the depths of Cecilia’s longing, she tells her the horrible secret about how she had her third child when she was told that it was not possible. Now, with a way to finally get what she wants most in her life, Cecilia must come to grips with the horror of what she must do to get pregnant. In the end, desire outweighs her morality and Cecilia summons a fairy to give her a child. Everything will be perfect when she has her own little bundle of joy, right?

“Fairy” draws upon the old saying: “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.” In this case, Cecelia is desperate for a baby and is willing to do anything to get it. It had become and obsession for her that had begun to creep into every aspect of her life. She is shocked by what her friend tells her she must do at first but overcomes her initial reservations as her mind makes justifications for taking the drastic measures. Even in the face of new and dramatic events in her friend’s life. That stuff could never happen to her, she rationalizes.

I enjoyed “Fairy” but I found the story tame in comparison to what I was expecting after reading the introduction to the novella. While this is a decent story, it just lacked the punch that it needed to set itself apart from the pack. McKenzie does a good job of telling the story but it was just a little too “tried and true” to be more than average for me. I was expecting a completely new twist on this old theme and just did not find it here. Fans of the horror genre will find a quick and entertaining read in this short novella but should not expect to be blown away.

I would like to thank Samhain Publishing and NetGalley for this review copy. “Fairy” is available now.

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