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Facebook Timeline Mandatory for all Business Pages in 30 Days

Facebook Timeline and Cover Image for Business Pages


Facebook has received a lot of varying responses about the new timeline from its individual users. Many seem to like the timeline because of the opportunity to add a large cover photo.

But the business community is up in arms about the new timeline. And none of them seem to keen about the mandatory 30 day enforcement of the use of the timeline on Facebook pages. With the changes come the problems. Facebook has eliminated the Welcome Tab feature, so there is no ability to have a Call to Action to LIKE your page.

According to the Terms and Conditions (or Rules), you cannot have any information that is included in the About section on the Cover Photo. That means that you cannot include phone numbers, website info, address, etc. You also cannot ask users to LIKE the page in the Cover Photo. Many businesses believe this screams a decrease in conversions.

Some business owners like the new timeline while others vehemently feel that the timeline makes the pages look messy. cluttered and confusing.

Within the next thirty days, businesses should split test the old format and the new format to determine which produces the largest conversion rate.

Some businesses believe that the Welcome Tab never belonged on Facebook pages in the first place. They feel that visitors should be welcomed on a company's website and not Facebook. The relationship with users will go largely unchanged because most interactions with them take place on the news feed and not Facebook Pages. Some businesses hope that the larger Cover Photo and the redesign will offer more branding opportunities and less Facebook design.

The businesses who will succeed the most with the new Facebook Timeline are those that can tell the best stories. Facebook would like to see businesses become storytellers which tell their story and allowing their LIKES to share their stories about the brand.

Admins can go here to add Timeline to their Pages. Additionally, here’s the Facebook video introduction to Timeline for Pages, and the product guide for Timeline for Pagesis embedded below. You can see a live example of Timeline on the Today Show’s Page.


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