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Facebook addicts exposed in 'Born to Be Liked'

Some people live their lives through social media instead of social interaction.
Some people live their lives through social media instead of social interaction.
Cover art courtesy Alex Oriani; graphic by Mary Beth Magee

'Born to Be Liked: Living on Facebook' by Alex Oriani


We’ve all known someone who has become so wrapped up in social media they have almost disconnected from real life. Online associates become more important than those in the same room and every activity must be reported instantly on the screen. Alex Oriani, a journalist and author based in London, takes an in-depth look at the phenomenon and its fallout in his book Born to Be Liked: Living on Facebook.

With slice-of-life examples and results of psychological research, Oriani makes his case for the impact of Facebook on today’s society. Some of his observations are scathingly funny while others will break your heart at the tragedy of people turning to a device rather than another human being for relationships.

His chapter on the types of Facebook users identifies them by the bulk of their entries. Readers will recognize them instantly with titles such as The Soap Opera Character, The Newscaster and The Serial Event Organizer. Although laced with humor, Oriani’s underlying truths show through.

Oriani spends time looking at the ways Facebook users interact, including the use of Likes and reposts. He asks questions about social media usage that will make readers think about their own online decisions.

Citations of interviews with Facebook users and results of studies give an authoritative weight to the book. This is far beyond an op-ed or commentary. The book is a well-thought-out look at the world of Facebook users/addicts and how they affect those around them.

Don’t be fooled by the subject matter. Oriani provides his data in an entertaining format. Readers can look for people they know or maybe even see themselves in the list of users and habits he analyzes. More than anything, Born to Be Liked: Living on Facebook will give its readers a fresh perspective on the social media scene.

Born to Be Liked: Living on Facebook by Alex Oriani

Available in ebook format

Published by Switcha


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