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‘Eyes Closed Tight’ a second-generation thriller

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Eyes Closed Tight by Peter Leonard


It’s hard not to make a connection between author Peter Leonard and the legendary work of Elmore Leonard. Most obvious is the father and son lineage, yet it’s the familiar skill in executing captivating reads that suggests these two generations of writers have something special in their authorial DNA.

In his latest novel, ‘Eyes Closed Tight,’ Peter Leonard pushes us into the action as a former homicide detective kicks up his retirement heels far away from the harsh streets of Detroit. But his days dedicated to the beach lifestyle are cut short when a murder pulls him back to the grind. There’s too much similarity in the past and present clues that suggest this cop’s working days are far from over.

Leonard’s dialogue is sharp and his characters tightly drawn. Alternating scenes give fast-paced multiple viewpoints of the investigation in progress and are sure to keep readers on edge as O’Clair brushes off his retirement for what is clearly his passion: solving cases and putting bad guys away. 'Eyes Closed Tight' is an adrenaline-inducing suspense novel that's sure to satisfy.