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'Eye Of The Needle (1981)' Movie Review: Honor and duty over love

'Eye Of The Needle (1981)'
'Eye Of The Needle (1981)'
United Artists

Eye Of The Needle (1981)


The Needle was the cover name for a German spy that was sent to England. While in England he would use the name Faber (Donald Sutherland) He was instructed to find out information concerning the invasion of Europe. The Germans knew that operation Overlord was to take place soon and they needed to know strength and amount of what was coming at them.

Faber had found out that some of the equipment that the Allies were stockpiling was fake. The allies had literally made mythical squadrons of planes that were nothing more than wood. Same goes for tanks and artillery. Faber found this out and had to get the info back to Germany quickly.

He found himself in trouble with the police after he killed someone. He would have to make it to a rendezvous with a sub off the Scottish coast. Along the way he is hounded by the authorities and does finally get to the coast.

He takes off in rough seas and ends up off and island barely alive. He is found by a man name David (Christopher Cazenove). He and his wife Lucy (Kate Nelligan) and their little boy are the caretakers of the island. They bring him to their house and nurse him back to health. David is suspicious about why Faber would have been out in a boat on that during such a terrible storm.

Lucy on the other hand is enjoying the attention Faber is giving her. David does not have the proper use of his legs and their has been tension between he and Lucy. Faber and Lucy begin a passionate love affair. Faber knowing that the information he carries is desperately needed by the German High Command chooses duty over love.

The story is one of espionage and intrigue during the days before D-Day. Tensions are high all over England and there are more German spies walking around then most authorities know.

Director Richard Marquand has given one of the best spy films in the last 40 years. It is truly worth the time to take a look at and enjoy.