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Extreme sufficiency: Arctic Sport

Arctic Sport by The Original Muck Boot Compay


As mentioned in the introductory article for the Arctic Sport from The Original Muck Boot Company, the opposite of cold and wet is warm and dry. Warm and dry is, of course, preferable to cold and wet. The Arctic Sport is designed to keep your feet both warm and dry and, thanks to the recent pineapple express that has delivered 10.64 inches of rain to my locale, there has been ample opportunity to do extensive field research (AKA playing in the rain).

Arctic Sport by The Original Muck Boot Company $164.95
Arctic Sport by The Original Muck Boot Company $164.95
Kenneth Fish

Being from the east coast originally, my experience with foul weather gear, I thought, was pretty extensive, but the Arctic Sport proved that wrong. You see, these boots are just so much better than any other cold/wet/nasty weather boot with which I’ve crossed paths. The secret to their efficacy in regard to keeping the feet dry and warm comes in the form of a sandwich, sort of. What The Original Muck Boot Company has done is put three layers of material between the feet and the rest of the world and each of these layers performs a specific duty.

The outermost layer of the Arctic Sport is made of a durable, abrasion-resistant rubber which is reinforced in four key areas; across the top, around both sides of the ankle, and up the back of the Achilles tendon. These reinforced areas protect and support both the inner CR (neoprene) bootie as well as the delicate parts of the foot. This outer rubber portion of the boot also helps make the Arctic Sport a hands-free boot. That’s right, you can actually put the boots on and take the boots off without using your hands.

Just inside of that outer rubber layer is an 8mm layer of neoprene. This layer provides the insulation in the boot. This insulation, based on my time spent stomping around the deep, cold, mucky puddles and flooded streets provided by recent storms, is about as good as it gets. Not even an hour-long slog in the middle of a torrential squall with temperatures in the 40s could make it so my feet were anything but warm and toasty.
The innermost layer of the Muck Boot sandwich is a layer of fleece-backed airmesh. It is this layer that helps manage all the heat trapped by the rubber and neoprene. The fleece, which acts as an insulator also helps wick moisture away from the foot while the airmesh gives that moisture a place to go and ultimately evaporate. This winning combination puts to shame even the best vulcanized rubber Welly. Seriously.

If you need to put some major protection between your little piggies and whatever Mother Nature throws at them, you’d be hard-pressed to do better that a pair of Muck Boots. They are far burlier than they need to be, with flawless construction throughout, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day thanks to their EVA midsole and positively posh interior. For more information about the Arctic Sport, or any of the fine boots from The Original Muck Boot Company, click here.

**Full disclosure: These boots were provided at no cost for editorial consideration. To think otherwise would be silly.