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Extreme Pinball review

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Ken Kriho

Extreme Pinball


Extreme Pinball is a pinball game released for DOS and PlayStation on March 28th, 1996 and for PSN on January 28th, 2010. The game was developed by Epic Games and published by Digital Extremes. The only story for this game is going for the high score.

Graphics-The graphics are something of a surprise. Instead of concentrating on several so-so graphic tables, this game went for the “less is more” route (meaning fewer tables with nicer designs). The animations that are displayed during gameplay are also a nice touch. The concept of the ball changing when certain conditions are met is also a nice touch, but feels kind of weird.

Sound-The soundtrack is also something of a surprise. The soundtrack itself is good; the songs fit each table nicely, and are more energetic than Epic Pinball. Another positive is that the sound quality is better (again, less is more).

Gameplay-Gameplay remains the same in this game as in any pinball game (whether real or virtual). One mechanic not features in Epic Pinball is that you can get a second chance should you mess up. The MATCH that appears in the end is also interesting.

Physics-The physics in this game is better than in Epic Pinball. You can tell that the flippers are a little more responsive than in Epic Pinball and the ball itself moves more realistically as well.

Overall-This is a step up from Epic Pinball. Everything about the game feels more like being at a pinball machine than Epic Pinball. There are only two negatives this game has going for it: too few tables and a deeper concentration of “less is more”. While there is nothing wrong with having fewer tables that look and play better, the problem there is that this game doesn’t have enough to offer and the content feels rather bare.

Score: 3/5

You can get Extreme Pinball from PSN.

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