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Extant...survival or extinction?

Berry is impregnated by an alien



Halle Berry and SCI FI seem to be a pretty good match made in TV heaven considering the actress exclusively appears in films. The dark force which impregnates Berry’s character Molly Woods during a space sojourn might even spark the excitement of one of her films like Gothika. I love aliens and androids as much as the next SCI FI fan but I’m not sure Extant will live up to thriller proportions.
Dealing with the alien threat first, Woods returns home from a lone space mission to find she’s ‘impossibly’ impregnated and from previews and the first episode we pretty much know the ‘how’ and almost the ‘who’ but not the complete ‘why’. Woods’ recollection of the strange event where a former lover appears alive but hopelessly wooden in character screams aliens. It is almost anticlimactic at this point and a good thing the series isn’t relying solely on that premise.
What’s confusing or perhaps (intriguing to continue watching) is the invention of Woods’ husband, an android boy living at home as their adopted child. The plan to produce humanich’s is a dream of the husband and thanks to a deal with a private firm it promises to become a reality. Only problem is Molly recognizes her child is mimicking human behavior like love in sparse doses but continues to dwell on angry outbursts which probably stoke the child’s AI nervous system. What the anger will lead to is fairly obvious – a big problem – and again one is not really shocked at this storyline.
How the android and alien story will merge does sound intriguing and the success of the series will depend on it. As Berry dumps trash into a very futuristic waste receptacle she sees another supposed dead man, but this man claims that he is real and not hallucination. He only has time to warn Berry to basically ‘trust no one’ as he scampers into the woods.
Previews suggest the alien on the ship - who appears as thin air in a recording before Molly wipes it from database – will be back to haunt her. But in her mind or in ‘reality’ will be the question. Will her future child be the start of an alien outbreak? Will Molly pass the psych tests that are only supposedly bureaucratic red tape? Or are they to flesh out what company men suspect to be true? That an alien threat exists and that either Molly will become their unwitting servant and/or collaborator?
The promise of bearing a child seems more urgent to Molly’s husband who insists that violent outbursts by the child will bring no concern and that future humanich children need not be programmed with any of Asimov’s three laws (a failsafe to protect humanity).
I believe Extant will be successful if it delivers flash bang excitement in contrast to a summer show that continues to future seasons thus delaying its full impact on summer 2014 viewers. Produced by the same people as Under the Dome it would be wise not to follow its path of extending storylines and episodes in response to ratings. Summer program should be dangerous on network TV, not predictable.

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