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‘Extant’ recap: ‘Re-Entry’ pilot




Astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry) is back on earth with her family after spending 13-months in space on a solo mission. Apparently though, Molly did not return alone. She is with child. So what type of mission was this really? After being told the shocking news by her best friend and medical doctor, Sam (Camryn Manheim), Molly starts flashing back to the time spent on her space odyssey.

We see Molly floating about working when she gets space-skyped, but a suspected solar flare suddenly interrupts her video communiqué with husband John and son Ethan. Ethan, by the way, is their android son who was created by robot-making husband John. Molly had been trying to get pregnant for years but was unable to do so – that is until she took a trip to the galaxy.

Back to the outer limits recall. Molly floats up to check out what may have caused the power glitch. She hears a noise and turns to see standing on the other side of a glass door, her old flame, astronaut Marcus Dawkins. Marcus, who happens to be dead, scribbles the words “help me” on the frosty glass pane. There is something extremely creepy about him, aside from being dead.

Molly opens the door and lets weird Marcus in. They start touching each other’s faces and when he cups Molly’s face in both hands, she starts to drift off to la-la-land. More than likely this is when the cosmic conception took place. Knocked out on the floor, Molly eventually wakes up and races to replay video footage showing Marcus. There is none, only hilarious displays of her caressing the air, not a person’s face. She erases it. Molly can’t have everyone thinking she’s crazy. All evidence of Marcus being on board the spacecraft is now lost in space.

Ethan is an adorable but “interesting” child. You have to wonder if he’s really a man-made cyborg or a Martian. The kid is capable of throwing temper tantrums better than any 2-year-old human child and don’t be surprised to find dead things around him when he gets angry. This little boy can be twilight zone scary. It’s also obvious he shares a different type of relationship with his parents. Molly clearly struggles to be close to Ethan while John and Ethan are like a futuristic version of Geppetto and Pinocchio.

Molly goes through the standard procedure of undergoing psychological evaluations but it certainly isn’t a private session. The mysterious Mr. Yasumoto, who is funding John’s fake children making project, along with the bigwigs at the NASA-esque agency are watching Molly at the session. Early on, we learn these men have some sort of X-file-secret-conspiracy mess going on and this is confirmed later in the evening when Molly goes outside to empty the trash.

She sees a shadowy figure nearby. The man slowly approaches her. It’s Harmon Kryger, another supposedly dead astronaut, only he says he’s not. Why is Molly seeing dead people? Actually, Harmon does look real. He warns Molly to not trust anyone and walks away with the promise that he will be in touch.

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