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‘Extant’ recap and review: ‘Extinct’ operation extinguish




The opening scene shows Molly waking up to a noise coming from downstairs. It is here where you’ll notice how much her home is soaked in earth tones. Perhaps the mute colors make the astronaut feel grounded. The noise, it turns out, stems from a pair of sneakers tumbling around in the clothes dryer located in the kitchen.

Later on, in this same kitchen, Molly experiences some very sharp pains. She looks up and sees creepy Marcus again. He tells her its okay with that chilling grin of his. No, it’s not okay, Marcus! After he leaves, Molly passes out on the floor. Ethan hears the thump and races downstairs right after we get to see barnacle type thingamajigs moving beneath the skin of Molly’s tummy. Eww!

Molly and Ethan venture to the museum which, by the way, in the future will be a 3-D experience without the need for those silly glasses. Prehistoric creatures may come to life a little too vivid to your liking. Ethan wanders off the museum tour path and receives an education about us Neanderthals. Harmon, unbeknownst to Molly, is also at the museum keeping tabs on her.

A flashback to Harmon’s solo mission shows that he too had a similar occurrence. First, there is the solar flare. What is it with these things? Next, instead of getting a visit from scary Marcus, his dead mother shows up. There is the same repeating of phrases (as if they’re leaning English) the caressing of the cheeks, finger strolling down from the torso. Video from Harmon’s trip also displays his interacting with an entity no one else can see.

Across town, Molly’s husband John is enjoying his early Christmas present from Yasumoto – a state of the art facility in which to build more humanics. John has finally been freed from his dusty work-at-home basement with funds to boot.

Molly’s doctor friend Sam informs Molly that her brain scan exhibited the same abnormalities as that of fellow astronaut Harmon Kryger, prompting Molly to dig around her job for evidence. However, she limited as to what she can see regarding Harmon. As she attempts to sneak out the building, Harmon drives up and tells Molly to get in. He drives her to his hideout and the two basically compare notes. Harmon sums it up as: they thought was sent out to space to perform experiments but in actuality, they were the experiment. That’s deep Harmon.

Sam takes Molly away from prying eyes and eavesdropping ears to a veterinary clinic in order to conduct a private ultrasound. Aww, there’s the baby. Wait. The fetus has two hands just like normal babies. Where is the thing we saw crawling around Molly’s uterus? Oh, and that ultrasound…sounds eerily like the sneakers tumbling around in the dryer. So apparently, Molly does not need medical equipment to hear her “baby’s” heartbeat.

Deception abounds on this show. It seems as though the humanics project’s biggest opposition mouthpiece, Femi Dodd (Annie Wersching) is in an intimate relationship with its financial backer – Yasumoto.

Watch “Extant” on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on CBS.