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Exposure GLBT show at Light shines bright



On Sunday night, Light hosted their first LGBT event, “Exposure”. This exciting event had many elements of a full art show and a club night combined into one. It featured an insane fashion show shot with an aerial photographer and shown on Light’s massive LED back wall, several different performance artists set up all long the large club’s perimeter, a silent auction with photographs to take home, and a whole slew of awesome DJs, headlined by Dave Aude and backed up by Wayne G and DJ Joe Gautheraux.

Our lovely MC
Karen Maeda
Exposure 2-D ariel fashion show
Karen Maeda

Neil Patrick Harris and his fiancé also made an appearance along with singer/song writer Asher Monroe Book and Diana Jenkins.

The beginning of the night was made even more fun by an open bar and a wonderful MC hostess. Several award winning short films were shown, including the critically acclaimed “Funky B,” “Move” and the LIGHT produced short “EXPOSURE.” This set the stage as the night being about art and not just your average ordinary club night.

During the night, club goers were entertained by several amazing Cirque du Soleil performers dropping in from the ceiling and using the huge space above the crowd as their stage, making Light the only night club in Las Vegas that gives you a special taste of Cirque that one does not have to pay for a show ticket for.

Dave Aude kept the vibe bright and brought his usual wonderful house selection him at 12:30 and kept the party moving on the packed dance floor. Exposure did not stop for four more hours, keeping the partying right on track with Las Vegas timing.

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