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Experiencing Choices | Dulce Book Review of When the Stars Go Blue by Caridad Fe

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When the Stars Go Blue by Caridad Ferrer


Choices are such weird things. We make them every day – big things, small things. ~When the Stars Go Blue

Throughout most of my undergrad studies, I had given myself a couple of choices for the future. The first and most practical option was to return home to México after graduation and live a life in solitude, reading and writing. Simple. Or two, a dreamy fairytale option to find my soul mate and live happily ever after. Moreover, this soul mate had to have three essential, non-negotiable attributes. These were, one, to be a Latino soul mate. Two, this soul had to know how to dance. And three, my mate would love literature and writing as much as I. Wishful thinking? Nah, choices, more notably, youthful choices. Life is not about making the right choice, but about experiencing the choices we make, discovering we are not alone in this life and that our choices will influence others as others influence us.

When the Stars Go Blue by Caridad Ferrer takes the reader through the youthful choices of a young dancer, Soledad, a mature, determined, high school graduate that choreographs her future down to the very last fouetté en tournant. That is until an intriguing and charming lad presents her with another choice, a proposition that is appealing and could be worked into her complete routine. Soledad has a tantalizing choice to make, complemented with romance, adventure, and a foreign appeal and you have a novel that will fascinate and expose the young adult reader to the possibilities of choices. And to the mature reader, the novel allows the opportunity to tango down memory lane.

Ferrer’s writing is enchanting, the combination of languages has a cultural charm, and the story is a youthful operatic concerto with a strong leading lady and yes, a príncipe that knows how to dance. Definitely a blissful and thought-full read.

Funny how it’s the small choices – that wind up having the biggest impact. ~When the Stars Go Blue

When the Stars Go Blue

By Caridad Ferrer

Thomas Dunne Books

Pub Date: Nov 2010

ISBN: 9780312650049

$9.99 USD | Paperback