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The Devine Xperience


From dubstep to exceptionally crafted breakbeats, The Devine Xperience are changing the electronic landscape with their cutting edge trance and acid fusion sounds. Their self titled album is steeped in controversial subject matter all with the aim of taking music lovers to another dimension and a higher state of consciousness. 11 tracks fill the brainchild.

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The opener "In a Dream" immediately begins the sonic adventure that The Devine Xperience wants to take each listener on. Enveloped in a repetitive chorus of "my mind is in a dream," the song is original and is marked by an array of creative genius. "Completely in a Trance" which features Vanessa Garic, the creative director behind the project, amps the sheer ingeniousness that the album seeks to portray. The electronica featured here is full of zeal, zest and vigor and will without a doubt keep those seeking a distinct music journey - interested.

On "Alien Love Truth" and "Alien Dust" the band visits the subject of aliens. Often an otherworldly topic, the band finds an agreeable way to discuss it with a break beat simmering within the background. The latter, "Alien Dust" is a faster and more upbeat cut of the two - and it could be argued that the Devine Xperience takes a heavier hitting approach to the topic on this song. The final track, "Touch the Sky" is a superbly created song that will have each and every listener wanting to hear more.

Creator of the music, Robert Jaros adds that ""I try to take listeners on a journey into their innermost senses, almost as though I am acting as a musical shamen of sorts. I love aliens, breakbeats, Vanessa Garic’s voice, dubstep, synthesizers, and dark epic gothic music, so I aimed to bring all of those worlds together into one freakish musical mutant. I wanted this project to be unexpected and purposely aimed for it to be almost completely unmarketable due to not fitting into any predetermined genre." Based in Los Angeles, California, the Devine Xperience has received a significant amount of attention for their prolific artistry. Jaros, who started playing piano at the age of 5 acquired an electronic music passion while in high school and has worked with several different artists throughout the years. Vanessa Garic, whose affinity for music began while working in makeup, allows for an all-encompassing musical playground with brevity on the self-titled release. Listening to this innovational project, one can't help but wonder what the Devine Xperience has in store for their next album.

Final Grade: A

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