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Experience Ready Never's Eleutherophobia

Ready Never's Eleutherophobia


Based in Los Angeles, Ready Never sound mixes EDM, and house to produce a developed sound that is different. Music lovers will undeniably find their album, Eleutherophobia, encompasses an electro pop vibe. From the opener, "Assistant Press Play," an eclectic song that could be used for working out or at a party, to the finale, "Victim of Vice," Ready Never adds a notable component to the electronic genre.

Ready Never - Eleutherophobia
Ready Never

"Assistant Press Play" sets the tone for the album. The song is radio-friendly and extremely memorable. The beat simultaneously provides the opportunity to hear the band's bass, synths and other instruments while also hearing vocalist Benny Ed on vocals amidst the music. The lead single on Eleutherophobia is "Take That Pill," a cynical and lampooning look at society's obsession with pill popping.

The title track is a tour de force. The sounds bump through the speakers and offer up more than a glimpse into the musical capabilities of Ready Never. It's beat is extensively structured and never lets up. On "Tell Me," the sound becomes a bit 80's, but keeps with the tone of Eleutherophobia - a cross between fusion rock and audio brewed dance music. "Me Myself and I" echoes through the speakers and features DJ Mendez giving an additional element to Ready Never's sonic understanding and "Victim of Vice," takes listeners on a journey through Ready Never's fascination with house music.

The band started when Benny Ed and Rudi Meibergen began writing songs in 2012. Benny Ed at the time, was a touring musician while Meibergen worked as a composer and producer. The two minds collaborate well extensively ensuring that the sounds emanating from the speakers are very different from what one would expect in listening to EDM. Eleutherophobia is Ready Never's first album and as the band notes, "we wanted to write songs and make electronic dance music. But we wanted to be able to perform the music, not just play it back; which is what makes our live sound quite different from our studio sound." And the live sound definitely creates an uncommon music experience.

Final Grade: A

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