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Experience Marla Mase's Half-Life

Half-Life by Marla Mase


Having reviewed Marla Mase before, it was superb to learn that a new album would be emerging from the imaginative singer. Half-Life is an 8 track package presenting an experimental Mase. The True Groove Records artist begins the EP with the Frank Zappa-esque "Drown in Blue." It is experimental at its finest. The New York performer lets loose here providing mental imagery of her shaking her hair on stage while delivering an emotive performance. The title track is an electronic elixir. It has to be taken in increments because of Marla's way of drawing the listener into her vocals - a rather subtle enticement.

Marla Mase's Half-Life
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On "The Heart Beats" Mase offers an enlightening spoken word piece. The song which has hopes of being thought provoking and empowering achieves its objective whereas "Bitch in Heat" is unmistakably rocky and full of funk. A moving and inviting exhibition of spunky energy, Mase is a storytelling master and this song proves it to those who may have had doubt. The closing title, "Hold Fast Your Dreams" operates on a melodic piano tune. Mase's voice works perfectly against the laid back instrumentation set against rather intense lyrics.

Marla Mase garnered recognition for her Speak Deluxe album and Half-Life will undeniably give her impressive write-ups and reviews as well. Bent on providing empowerment and encouraging a vision of peace, Marla Mase's talent is an expression of multiple themes and a testament to how diverse one can get in their music.

Final Grade: A

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