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Experience at Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Cafe

Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Cafe


A group of ten of us decided to go out for dinner at Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Café on a Saturday and reservations were made prior to arrival for 8:00pm. Everyone arrived on time and we were told it would be a few minutes. Some of the ladies decided to wait in a bar while others captured moments outside and took pictures because it was only going to be a few moments. Two coronas later the patience subsided and a guest in our party went to the manager to find out what happened as we realized an hour had past. The only thing we were told is the current large party did not get up yet. I find this to be unacceptable as an answer because we had reservations. We were finally seated to be put by the kitchen which a member in our group pointed out so the traffic was our entertainment for the night.
Not once did the manager come by and apologize, offer free beverages or dessert. Talk about good customer service. If you have a large party I would not recommend this restaurant. I think from a management perspective an apology would have been appreciated but it seems like the manager that night could have cared less. Customer service is very important and all staff include management should be retrained. When you go out with your friends and family and are a paying customer you expect Great Service and a Great Experience. Fortunately the waiter we had was excellent as he was attentive and quick with our orders and with great company we got over the wait period but shall never forget and will not return.

Food: Chicken Fajitas and Veggie Quesadillas were good and well prepared
Cost: Pricey (You will spend at least 20 dollars)
Service: Management Poor
Wait Staff: Fortunately had a good waiter
Would I go again? Not eager to dine there again