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Expendables 3 is a romp and a reminder

Gibson is back
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Expedables 3 movie


Team, Loyalty, … Family and that’s just the casting for this film. Sylvestor Stallone’s explosive romp has included a variety of classic heroes, who truly seem to respect and enjoy each other’s company. No lengthy dialogue or depth in theme; just a plain rescue scenario, requiring suspended belief to fully enjoy.

Old folk’s home? Intergenerational action? Or is it simply whacking our thoughts on aging? Facing head on the theme of experience infusing youthful energy… the best technology can’t offset thought. Why are so many venues excluding "iron sharpens iron" mentality? The mesh of 2 worlds clearly bleeds team success!

Awwww if real life only was as easy, too many world conflicts have to be held at bay… our American culture is very segmented... the aged are put out to pasture long before their time. Our viewing group included teens to retired, all enjoyed the NONmeditative shoot em up as simple beyond belief hard handed justice!

Love seeing Mel Gibson back on the big screen, no one plays BAD with a twist of crazy like MG. A big kudos to Stallone for this addition… worth the price of admission just to acknowledge that a legend is back active in the trade. The final fight scene might not be on the level of Lethal Weapon, Jet Li as the final combative been too much?

Wesley Snipes is incredibly agile, seamlessly suited as if merely a decade ago has not passed. Not taking himself too seriously, with a direct quote about “tax evasion”, laughs mirroring real life squeeze in. Antonio Banderas is terrific comic relief (it would be hard to take the voice of “Puss N Boots” seriously as a terrorist fighter). Harrison Ford ‘s piloting skills are no longer limited to the Millenium Falcon.

Jason Statham is still fierce with knives , driving skills…. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews and Jet Li reprise roles. Then there are the newbies headed by Kellan Lutz… a draw for the younger set, and blatantly forcing the generation gap with the singing of Neil Young’s “Old Man”. Have to ask, where was Bruce Willis?

OK it’s not Shakespeare… 8,000+ die when only one of the stars gets shot, and none die (even when exhibiting death wishes). I did say suspend belief right? Some sequences are soooooooooo jumpy, that a few viewers got motion sickness. There is not much character development, there are too many to feature any one. If it can be blown up, it surely does…. In all the barrage of bullets, there is a sweet air of family. Monumental challenges need someone to have our backs!

Lionsgate needs applause in taking another venture in not turning their backs on vintage. It maybe all about the Benjamins, yet the third outing was squashed by the upscale even prior to viewing…

Speaking of blowing up … In simple economic terms, the stars have “box office earnings” ranked in $$$ unimagainable:

1. Harrison Ford: $3.96 billion (highest grossing: Star Wars, $460 million)

2. Mel Gibson: $2.21 billion (Signs, $227 million)

3. Antonio Banderas: $2.17 billion (Shrek 2, $441 million)

4. Sylvester Stallone: $1.89 billion (First Blood Part II, $150 million)

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger: $1.75 billion (Terminator 2, $204 million)

6. Kellan Lutz: $1.44 billion (Twilight: Eclipse, $300 million)

7. Terry Crews: $1.43 billion (The Longest Yard: $158 million)

8. Wesley Snipes: $934 million (Blade II, $82 million)

9. Kelsey Grammer: $815 million (Transformers, Toy Story 2, $245 million)

10. Jet Li: $782 million (Lethal Weapon 4, $130 million)

11. Jason Statham: $758 million (The Italian Job, $106 million)

12. Dolph Lundgren: $449 million (Rocky IV: $127 million)

Hmmm not too bad? Who wouldn’t want to be part of that crowd? So how did Stallone convince all of them to be part? Talk about wrangling....

Age apparently makes a difference? Who is the oldest? Han Solo wins again!

1. Harrison Ford – 72

2. Sylvester Stallone – 68

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger – 67

4. Kelsey Grammer – 59

5. Mel Gibson – 58

6. Dolph Lundgren – 56

7. Antonio Banderas – 54

8. Wesley Snipes – 52

9. Jet Li – 51

10. Jason Statham – 47

11. Terry Crews – 46

12. Kellan Lutz – 29

Are they getting too old? Merely reliving past glories? Some clearly may yell that “You want your 80’s back”. To which, an apt reply “So What! What’s wrong with the 80’s?” Real men, Reagan strong economics, simpler time when bad was bad, and good was good.

No doubt it is hard to see our stars age. It directly reflects on our own aging, and the eventual climb closer to death. The sequences featuring new technology and youth are only reminders that it takes effort to “keep up”. But what a challenge? Who doesn’t need energy and wisdom? Intergenerational connection is simply the best!!

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