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Exclusive preview of Nineball's upcoming album DNA

DNA by Nineball


Utica area band Nineball shot me an opportunity to review the bands latest CD entitled DNA. First impression off the bands latest video for the song “Fight” was nothing less than blown away by the bands musicianship, professional sound, vision, and Joe Sweet’s incredible vocal style. When the band offered up the full CD for my opinions, which they said “We know you will be honest with us” I jumped at it. Nineball is huge just down the Thruway and damn it we need to get them here in Syracuse more often. My first impression of the band (based off that video) was correct. But wait there is more! So much more than just that song, this CD simply kicks ass all the way through. No more, no less.

The band in photos
The band in photos
DNA album art

“DNA” contains nine tracks of killer music. Each song is its own in that the band does not take a formula and rework it into the next song. “In My Brain” is the first track and it pops you right in the kisser with some really aggressive riffage on the guitar that builds into a sweet metal pick run that is joined in by Sweet’s extremely wicked voice. Sweet at times reminds me of both Chris Cornel and Glen Danzig merged together with Layne Staley and delivered perfectly, he soars, and you can hear the passion in his voice at every note. “Don’t Care” follows with a slow paced rhythm that has an almost Alice In Chains feel to it for perspective. I hate comparing, because it is not AIC, it is Nineball from Utica, N.Y. This band is the real deal and rank #1 on the Reverbnation chart in Utica for Rock/Alternative/Alternative Rock.

The band asked me for my opinion on what should be the single as they were unsure if “Fight” was the best song (See video embedded above). I hate to say that I can’t pick one, they all rock. Since they asked I have to go with a three-way tie of “Rise”, a rocker with some insane changes and work by the band, off the chart guitar work on that one for sure. The others are “Cloud” which has some softer edges and shoots into that ‘Seattle’ rock band vibe in parts and finally the leader for me anyway is the song “Set Me Free” which has some nice melodic picking and jumps into some strong riffs only to slow it down before taking off into overdrive again. “Window” has an eerie, exploration on sound that is simply intense.

Not much else to say about Nineball and their new CD “DNA” other than this band has nine songs worthy of radio play anywhere in the world. The band should be getting consideration for any of the rock festivals touring the country, they earned the right to be on them with this release. You want to support local and push a band over the edge? Then go buy this one, call your favorite radio stations and tell them to play Nineball.

Truly a must have by a band that should be given time by the big labels, PR companies, and would be an awesome addition to any tour crossing the country be it a festival or opening for any rock band out there. Nineball is a gem right here in our own backyard, go get it now.


Nineball is:

Joe Sweet - Vocals
Ken Delaney - Drums
Scott Henderson - Bass
Dallas Sheppard – Guitar


  1. In My Brain
  2. Don’t Care
  3. Water
  4. Rise
  5. Teacher
  6. Cloud
  7. Fight
  8. Set Me Free
  9. Window

Special Guest: Max Scialdone on back-up vox for Fight

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