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Exclusive performance by Ashley Allen

Exclusive performance by Ashley Allen


Ashley Allen performed a private show just for the on January 14, 2014.

Press photo
Ashley Allen

Ashley performed two songs for the while in Orlando on her radio tour. Her first song was "Body Say No, Heart Say Yes" and her second song was "You Ruined Love." Click on the song titles to see the exclusive performances on video.

If you haven’t heard of Ashley Allen yet you will be shortly for her music will be quickly moving to the top of the charts. Ashley’s voice provides infectious tones of pop, some country, true lyrics and music that she writes herself. She is a tulip just sprouting and when her petals open up it will be nothing but success from that point on.

If you hear one of her songs on the radio and you first think that it’s Katy Perry but then maybe think it’s a new song by Natasha Bedingfield, or perhaps Carrie Underwood then you know that you are listening to an Ashley Allen song.

Ashley’s strong enthusiasm, determination, and bubbly but not overbearing personality is just as addictive as her songs. The moment she walks into a room will brighten your day just as equivocally when she sings “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes” (Robot Robot) which was just released in December 2013.

Ashley has already been featured with Zimbio, Artist Direct, Huffington Post, Charged FM, Joonbug, and NKD Magazine. As a New York native, she has been performing in her local venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery Electric, BB King’s, and the Highline Ballroom.

Let her music medicate your ears and let her know what you think of it.

Connect with Ashley Allen: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Instragram, Tumblr