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Evita at Aronoff Center is Stunning!

EVITABroadway in Cincinnati

Evita theatre performance at Aronoff Center Cincinnati


Evita opened in Cincinnati Tuesday night to an audience packed theatre at the Aronoff Center downtown. The audience filled the place with a mood of excitement and wonder as they expected to see a great show. The cast and crew of Evita delivered a riveting and remarkable performance.

Evita the life story of Argentina political leader Eva Peron. The story details Eva’s climb from humble beginnings, her numerous affairs, her rise from singer, broadcaster, to her meeting of Juan Peron Argentina’s future president at a charity event where their love for one another blossom. Eva champions Juan’s in his quest for power and aids him as his partner in crime. She becomes a symbol of hope for the poor and working people. She starts a foundation with the goal of making life better for the unfortunate. She becomes popular with the people, even thou there is some resistance from the old established order.

The performance is filled with incredible Spanish inspired dance scenes and a wonderful selection of music. Some of the amazing musical routines include melodies, “Don’t cry for me Argentina," “And the Money Kept Rolling In," “I’d Be Surprisingly Good for You," “A New Argentina” and "Buenos Aires."

Caroline Bowman as was passionate, stunning, and even captivating in her role as Eva Peron. She was larger than life in her portrayal of this icon of change and difference, which reminded me of Princess Di for that age.

Sean MacLaughlin portrayal of Juan Peron was classy and moving. He was a man of the people who wanted change but felt pressure within his government.

Evita performances continue until March 2. Tickets can be purchased by phone at #513-621-Arts, at the Aronoff Box office or online at: A great show and one not to miss.