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'Evil in the Time of Heroes' does little to keep the dead alive

Evil in the Time of Heroes


First, there was "Dawn of the Dead", a great Zombie gorefest overflowing with social commentary on our undying love of American consumerism. Then, there was "Shaun of the Dead", an excellent English parody that introduced a much needed dose of laughs with all those flesh-eating shamblers let loose in Great Britain.

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Next, there was "Juan of the Dead", another good parody with the living dead invading Cuba. Finally, I was excited to find out that there was a Greek import arriving on VOD, Amazon Instant Video or iTunes from Doppelgänger Releasing that was similar to those films and here I was hoping to have something like "Kostas of the Dead". Instead, I got "Evil in the Time of Heroes". A mismatched Horror Comedy that's low on wit and plot and high on blood and guts.

As if the economy wasn't bad enough in Greece, a reawakened evil force (I only know this from the unimpressive prologue that steals from the hit movie "300") is reanimating the deceased to not only walk but, to attack and consume all of its citizens. Throwing a band of misfits (a celebrity chef, a father and son, a soldier and a spurned girl) together to battle and somehow beat the legions of these uninspired undead. Of course, with the help of a knife wielding, cloaked hero (Billy Zane) from the past.

Ridiculous (in all the wrong ways), this film fails to illicit humor and any topical themes are buried, along with a coherent storyline. What it does get right are the copious practical effects of gut-munching glee. Too little, and way too late for these Grecian dead. Making those older films seem very fresh.