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Everyone’s favorite outback killer is back for ‘Wolf Creek 2’

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Wolf Creek 2


There are so many various sub-genres of the horror world that it gets hard to find anything worth checking out. One of the most popular is that of the slasher but sadly they churn out more bad stuff than good. One of the better ones to come along was Australia’s 2005 hit Wolf Creek. Now fans can get a chance to return to the outback with the latest installment aptly titled Wolf Creek 2, but can it live up to the surprise gory fun of the original or will it be the typical forgettable sequel?

Wolf Creek 2 follows everyone’s favorite pig-hunter serial killer as he continues to torment a new set of prey for his amusement. With the first film it had somewhat of a slow build to let the mystery of John Jarratt’s crazed killer Mick Taylor. With this genre one of the most important things to have is a great killer and Mick Taylor is right at the top. His everyman look and over the top crazed persona makes for some entertaining exchanges both in the kills and the dialogue with the victims. This time around the film doesn’t sport the mystery the first one had to make it so great, but instead jumps right into the meat of it all and allows Mick to start doing his thing from the start. This film brings in the same components in regards to the victims, but let’s Jarratt take Mick in some fun new directions showcasing a bit more personality. This new entry into the series pulls no punches when it comes to the gore, letting the blood freely fly from the beginning of the film and hardly letting up. This is a different kind of films than the first, but one that works and is sure to please all the gore hounds out there.

Mick Taylor is one of the best horror killers out there not just for his clever ways of bringing the pain, but because he is a real guy with a personality that is so far out there that he is just fun to watch. This one continues to play up the based on true events complete with an ending explanation of what happens to those involved and sets up for the hope of more entries into this great series.