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Every woman can see herself in Mary Jane

Mary Jane putting in work.
Mary Jane putting in work.

Being Mary Jane


Being Mary Jane…one word. Awesome. I love the plot idea. I love the characters. I love the perspective. I love the realism. I love Being Mary Jane.

After watching both episodes of season one, I can honestly say that it’s such a breath of fresh air to see BET creating its first drama...without any of the “stereotypical drama.”

Being Mary Jane follows the main character (played by the beautiful Gabrielle Union) through her successful broadcasting career, daily family interactions, and her quest to find love in the dog-eat-dog world of dating.

All family and social issues are on the table. The character Mark is a semi-closeted black, homosexual male who lives with his white partner of five years. Mary Jane’s best friend, Dr. Lisa Hudson, struggles with depression and even takes a bottle of pills to hurt herself. Mary Jane’s mom suffers from lupus, which is taking a toll on her body. Avery deals with her husband’s infidelity while putting on a façade that her life is still together. Kara tries to balance her work with being a mom. And, those are just some of the discussions.

Not to mention, the selection of music played throughout the episodes…amazing. It really puts you in the mood to better feel and to better understand whatever situation is happening in the plot. For example, when Mary Jane tells Andre about himself and his lack of honesty about being married, Alice Smith’s “The One” melts from Mary Jane’s radio right before she pulls off into the street Fast & Furious style in her Porsche.

I honestly feel that every woman, whether she is black, white, Latina, or whatever, can see some part of herself in the character Mary Jane Paul. That makes the best TV. It’s relatable. Most women aspire to meet and be with the love of their lives, get married, have kids, or soar in their respective career fields. Every woman is fallible.

Being Mary Jane airs Tuesday nights on BET at 10/9c. Check it out! I can’t wait for next week’s episode.