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Evanston's Chicken and Waffles restaurant - another family friendly consideratio

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Chicago's Chicken and Waffles Restaurant in Evanston, IL


Having been here a handful of times, I can honestly say that each experience has been different in a good way. I do enjoy the parking lot and the interior is very nicely done with a jazzy R&B feel to it. Having been here for a work event, adult only dinner, and a family dinner - each time, we've received great customer service and delicious food.

My son licked his fingers clean (maybe it was from the syrup of his waffle or the grease of his fried chicken) and declared this his new favorite Evanston restaurant. Kids eat free Wednesday nights! I've tried their chicken dinners (get the collard greens and yams as your sides and you won't be disappointed although my daughter would swear by their mac n cheese), All Saint, Bankers meal - all delicious meals. Brings back some Southern California college memories with the chicken and waffles!