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Evading nasties and valentines in Chrystalla Thoma's Evasions

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In Urban Fantasy Author Chrystalla Thoma’s EVASIONS, Finn and Ella have defeated the errant Shades—for now—and now they face an even greater challenge—their first Valentine’s day as a couple.

Ella hasn’t cared for the commercialism of Valentine’s day for a long time, not even her new love can bring her around to thoughts of hearts and candy that most women look forward to this time of year. Yet for some reason Finn seems a little surprised to learn this—and not in any kind of relieved way.

Finn’s world on the other side of the veil is so different from ours, warring factions of elves, goblins and other nasties living in Aelfheim—and fighting fiercely over it. Worse yet, life there didn’t treat him fairly at all. All these things, stubborn Ella can understand and share, why won’t she share this special day with him?

Maybe if she knew just how special it is to him she might.

EVASIONS is a short story set in the second “Season” of Chrystalla Thoma’s Boreal And John Grey series. A very short, sweet story, I enjoyed it very much and look forward to reading more about these intriguing characters. If you’d like to check it out for yourself, it is available at Amazon (and, Barnes and Noble, Itunes, or Kobo—and Ms. Thoma has a link to a free PDF version of the story on her site, here. Do check it out.