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Eva Restaurant & Wine Bar

Nestled among the trees and neighborhood sidewalks of Greenlake, Tangletown welcomes passerby with the likes of Zoka, Mighty-O Donuts and Eva Restaurant.
Nestled among the trees and neighborhood sidewalks of Greenlake, Tangletown welcomes passerby with the likes of Zoka, Mighty-O Donuts and Eva Restaurant.Photo courtesy of Mojdeh Sami

Eva Restaurant & Wine Bar


Nestled among the trees and sidewalks of a Greenlake neighborhood, Eva Restaurant & Wine Bar offers local fare in a casual, yet romantic setting.

How I heard of this place: Years back, when Eva was listed on the Dine Around Seattle participating restaurants, a friend and I made a reservation to enjoy the local fare. Just four years ago, I returned to the establishment with another good friend, and today, I’m back for the third Eva culinary adventure.

Type of cuisine: “A casual, Seattle neighborhood restaurant offering fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere, focusing on local produce, natural meats, and handmade wines.”

Ambiance: Romantic, yet casual – so obtained by the ample noise and chatter of neighboring diners – with thoughtful and simple decor in a windowed corner establishment. The kitchen, open to view is set at the far left of the space upon entry, while a bar and more seating is available to the right, behind thick, velvety curtains separating the two eating rooms. Dark wooden tones and warm colors complement the cool, grey of the clouds visible through the large windows. Patrons, many neighborhood dwellers who have walked to the establishment, speak not in hushed, subdued tones, rather in the friendly chatter and amplification of old friends meeting for the first time in years.

What I ordered: Partaking of an internet deal, we were offered two appetizers, two main entrees and two desserts from the full menu. We selected the Chilled Sweet Pea Soup ($8) with Radish, Snap Pea, & Celery Leaf Salad, as well as the Radicchio & Endive Salad ($9) with Golden Beets drizzled with a buttermilk-mint vinaigrette.

Our main entrees consisted of the Housemade Fettuccine with Steamed Clams ($18), applewood smoked bacon, and thyme cream, followed by the Grilled Northwest Beef Hanger Steak ($23) with a sauté of potato, red onion, & spring vegetables, served over a feta, smoked paprika and almond saltsa.

For dessert, we were equally attracted to the Eva Trio ($8), a butter pecan ice cream profiterole; apricot-almond torte with mulled apricots, and a hazelnut pot de creme, and blown away by the Bosc Pear & Bleu d’Auvergne Cheese Crepes ($8) with walnuts and thyme honey.

What I loved: As good as it was chilled, the Sweet Pea Soup felt a little cold in the overly air-conditioned space, while the light and flavorful buttermilk-mint vinaigrette did wonders for the bitter endive and radicchio. The pasta was fresh and smokey bacon is always a winner, however the smoked paprika, feta and almond saltsa served with the spring vegetables and hanger steak made for a surprisingly delicious and plate-licking good combination! The bleu cheese crepes, however, certainly stole the show! And that profiterole, covered in rich, sweet, caramel-y goodness…whoa.

Why I loved it: Delicious food served in a quaint neighborhood establishment, and three courses of mouth-watering plates that kept us more than satisfied!

Cost: Average ($18 – $23 per dinner entree)