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Eucerin Eczema Relief Review

Eucerin Eczema Relief
Eucerin Eczema Relief

Eucerin Eczema Relief


It has been a long winter and I find my hands much dryer. I tried a free sample of Eucerin Steroid free Eczema relief. The cream absorbs into the skin much slower than other creams so it keeps your hands moisturized several hours more than the regular Eucerin cream.
Here are a few cons and pros.

- Fragrance and dye-free
- No steroids
- Thick- This is not a lightweight lotion but is definitely meant to be used on dry skin to provide a longer lasting protection.
- Contains ingredients such as oatmeal and ceramides which are known to be beneficial to eczema-prone skin
- Also contains, Licochalcone. I have researched this and this is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and antimicrobial substance, reduces redness and is calming (Sources are the Eucerin website and the website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information).

- Absorbency: This cream does not absorb fast. So if you are looking for a thicker cream with fat absorbency this is not for you.

The Eucerin Eczema Relief works well as a moisturizer at night because of the slow absorption into the skin. It also seems to have a mildly calming effect on the red, irritated spots affected by Eczema. It works really well to keep your skin moisturized in the fall and winter by providing extra protection.