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Estrovera v/s Menoquil: Get The Facts



What is Estrovera?
Estrovera by Metagenics might work to relieve signs and symptoms related to the Menopause in women's life. This dietary supplement may help women feel better as they simply age by reducing the symptoms minor hot flashes‚ advertising relaxation‚ as well as promoting a good night's sleep.

Estrovera Overview:
In addition‚ Estrovera might enhance your energy levels to allow you to combat physical as well as emotional fatigue. This can also reduce slight muscle and joint pain with stiffness‚ that can assist you to remain active and healthy for a long time to come. This dietary supplement might also assist heart health.

This entirely all-natural option to reduce several mild menopausal symptoms might be much less likely to cause harmful side effects when gone on for approximately two years.

About The Manufacturer:
Metagenics produces revolutionary supplements that assist people get rid of the signs and symptoms of chronic diseases and retain their health. Good quality and research is paramount‚ and has been since the company was established in 1983. All active ingredients in Metagenics products have been mentioned efficient by third-party experts. Its formulas has been imitated but never repeated.

Key Ingredients:
The vibrant component in Metagenics' Estrovera is ERr 731. This is an exclusive rhubarb root extract special to this manufacturer. It is often utilized in Germany for decades‚ and is lastly available in the United States. ERr 731 can assist you feel better by reducing stress and anxiety and then irritability‚ among it's some other potential benefits. It may also promote urinary tract health.


  • Estrovera exhibits highly good results for the treating menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings and anxiousness
  • The study's outcomes were pretty much too good to be true. Previously, the solely interference to attain similar response rates has been treatment with estrogen itself
  • Estrovera has an extremely minimal incidence of adverse side effects
  • Animal studies confirmed no connection with breast or uterine cancers
  • The problems related to this supplement are minimal


  • These results were depending upon single clinical trial, which has been supported by the manufacturer of the supplement. Upcoming trials by unbiased research groups are required to verify advantages.
  • Normally it takes up to 6 weeks to experience the advantages of this treatment options.
  • Even though estrovera is not going to discover a method to promote estrogen receptors associated with the growth and development of breast cancer, extra basic safety data and investigation are required to verify its safety measures.

What is Menoquil?
Menoquil is an excellent solution for all those women experiencing menopause because it consists of merely naturally-derived herbal and botanical extracts, whereas still providing the same advantages just as hormone-replacement therapies. Its vital comparative components are phytoestrogen compounds and black cohosh extract, that have been respectively known to enhance energy levels and diminish hot flashes (in the same was as HRT's transdermal estradiol), but Menoquil's entire combination of botanical extracts work harmoniously as a menopausal remedy to assist the body's hormones, instead of a relatively intrusive HRT treatment.

Product Overview:
Menoquil consists of soy isoflavone proteins that are also reported to alleviate hot flashes, however their effectiveness in some other areas has been certified with combined outcomes; several research shows that isoflavones possess little to no effect on raising cognitive function.

About the Manufacturer:
Menoquil is manufactured by the 'Pharmaxa Labs' to support all menopausal issues such as hot flashes, night time sweats, irregular periods, to increase sex drive and balance hormone level.

Product Features:
Based upon the components in the Menoquil formulation it might be said that the system may: decrease stress and irritability, reduce vaginal dryness, enhance sex drive, minimize hot flashes as well as night time sweats, curb excess food cravings, lessen sleep problems, calm breast tenderness, alleviate edema and headaches and boost bone health. Overall, Menoquil is a helpful solution for those choosing to make use of an organic botanical product over a synthetic medication.

Key Ingredients:
Among the remaining of the extracts, Chaste Berry offers minor pain relief, specifically to targeted menopausal pain like breast tenderness and edema; Red Clover Extract have been known to develop properties just like HRT's low levels of estrogen and thus really helps to minimize night sweats and also acts as an insomnia aid. This mixture of all-natural, botanical extracts are a ensuring change, however there's something to be claimed about the optimization of synthetic compounds and their efficiency as compared to botanical compounds which has been experiencing little research relating to their use in menopause.

Menoquil is composed of Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Calcium, Phosphorate (as Calcium Phosphorate), Red Clover Flower Powder, Red Clover Powdered Extract, Green Tea Leaf Powdered Extract, Guggul Gum Resin Powdered Extract, Chaste Berry Powder, Dong Quai Powder, Soy Isoflavones 40%, Wild Yam Root Powder, Black Cohosh Root Powder, Cnidium Monnieri Fruit Powder, Bioperine.


  • Deals with physical and mental menopause symptoms
  • Minimizes the frequency as well as severity of hot flashes
  • Provide a healthy hormone balance
  • Aids in managing menopause-related weight gain
  • Assist keep bones dense, healthful, and strong
  • It provides 60 day money back guarantee


  • There are no severe side effects

Variation between Estrovera and Menoquil:
Here are some points that may help you to choose one of them:

  • Estrovera is affordable as compared to Menoquil
  • Estrovera does not provide any money back guarantee but Menoquil provides 60 days money back guarantee.
  • There are no customer testimonial available by Estrovera's manufacturer while Menoquil provides it.
  • Menoquil offers 120 capsules per serving while Estrovera provides 30 tablets per serving

The above comparison indicates that:
Both Estrovera and Menoquil are natural dietary supplements formulated to deal with several menopausal issues like hot flashes, night time sweats, irregular periods, weight gain during peri-menopause and post menopause. Both these supplements help to solve all the menopausal issues and made up of all the natural ingredients. Both of them seem to be effective, but as far as the assurance is concerned, Menoquil has an edge over Estrovera as it comes with 60 days money back guarantee. Now choice is yours!

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