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Espresso made easy: Keurig Rivo

Rivo Cappuccino & Latte System $199.99
Rivo Cappuccino & Latte System $199.99
Kenneth Fish

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino & Latte System


For the past month, I’ve been having a coffee nerdgasm and now I’ll tell you why. Two words: Keurig Rivo. As mentioned in the introductory article, Keurig is the king of the single-serve coffee machine world, and with the Rivo it appears that they have their sights set on being the king of the cappuccino world, as well. Though skeptical at first, the Keurig Rivo has turned out to be a really good espresso maker.

The Bad (or the not so good)

After my coffee-fueled household tore through the 12 pod variety pack that came with the brewer in the first weekend, I discovered that these little pods are not in stock in any of the stores listed on the Keurig website. This was sort of a bummer because I was really starting to like the fancy coffee drinks the Rivo was making and suddenly there was none. Luckily, this was taken care of rather quickly with a few clicks over at and I had 36 fresh pods delivered in 4 days. The other little problem I have with the Rivo is the same problem I have with all single serve machines: Waste. Each time I make a coffee, I am aware of this little, non-recyclable foil-covered, plastic pod that presumably ends up as part of the Pacific Gyre at some point. To be fair, though, as soon as I start to drink the espresso that came from the pod, any thoughts of an eternity in a floating landfill is vanquished because it is just that good.

The Good

Instead of using one pod for coffee and another for milk like other automatic espresso makers, the Rivo has a built-in milk frother that works really well. Kudos to Keurig for creating only 50% of the waste compared to its competitors. The frother has three settings (cappuccino, latte, and cold froth), and it whips up the dairy goodness of your choosing perfectly every time.

The espresso made by the Rivo is seriously good. Produced by Lavazza for Keurig, you have your choice of Intenso, Delicato, Classico, and Decaf, and all of them are simply delicious. Much to my surprise, I have discovered the joys of decaf espresso, making tasty afternoon coffee treats without having to worry about the jolt normally associated with such beverages.

Sure, hardcore espresso-heads will scoff at the automatic-ness of the Rivo, but I’m nearly certain those people are not Keurig’s target audience with this machine. This is for people like me, people who want good coffee, whether that is drip, French Press, pour over, or espresso, but don’t feel like shelling out a heap of money or facing a whole new coffee-related learning curve. For more information about or to make a purchase of the Keurig Rivo, click here. Please note, the machine is getting four stars, but the fact that I can only get the Rivo pods through the mail makes me want to give the overall experience three.

**Full disclosure: This espresso making machine was provided at no cost for editorial consideration, to think otherwise would be silly.