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eShakti custom made dresses are perfect for Moms

The author wearing her customized dress by eShakti
Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller

Clothing by eShakti


Can you imagine having your own seamstress design custom made clothing that really fits you – without having to arrange for a fitting, at the same price as off-the-rack clothing? It seems hard to believe, but this is what you get from eShakti. The designs offered by eShakti are classic, original, and feminine. They range from casual wear to formal. You will find a wide variety of retro cuts with a modern twist.

Ordering is so simple. You go to, pick out the item and material, and either enter your individual measurements, or just pick a size. You can customize it for such options as neckline, sleeve, hemline, pockets, and needlework embellishments. The item will be made just for you, and shipped within 7 business days.

I was offered a sample dress of my own choosing so I could review eShakti’s dresses. I am pictured wearing the dress I ordered. My dress arrived in a small, flat package. My mother used to sew my clothing from patterns, and I was very impressed with the needlework. It fit perfectly. I wore it to church that Sunday and felt like such a lady! You can definitely feel the difference between an off-the-rack dress and one that was made just for you.

With customized clothing you are not limited to what the store has in your size. If you, like many women, have trouble finding clothing in your size or that fits a certain area of your body properly, this is a great solution. You don’t have to worry about bumping into someone else wearing the same dress. You can order from the comfort of your own home and not have to go through the frustration of searching racks for something you like. And the price is comparable to what you would typically pay for clothing at any retail store.

I would highly recommend checking out to see what they have to offer. Register for a $25 gift certificate, and get your first customization for free.


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