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Escape with Island Squeeze drink pouches

Island Squeeze drink pouches


Island Squeeze drink pouches contain alcohol. What’s great about them? They are fun, fruity, refreshing, and contain alcohol. Where is the best place to enjoy them? Anywhere, but our favorite is hands down, the beach. Pack it in your cooler, and instead of reaching for the humdrum beer, pop a straw into the clever single-serve pouch and feel as though you are escaping on a vacation.

Not too sweet- try all the fruity varieties.
Escape with Island Squeeze

The new Island Squeeze varieties join existing cocktail flavors Strawberry Daiquiri, Piña Colada, Margarita and Pink Lemonade Light. The flavors sound sweet, but are just "sweet enough" without being cloying.

The pouches can be (and in our opinion, should be) frozen. Another serving idea is to have the pouches poured into a glass or served over ice, and topped with some club soda. Want a bit more bang for your buck? Top Island Squeeze with a bit of tequila or vodka.

Island Squeeze is available in 6 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), in 12 packs of 10-ounce, single serve pouches. The suggested retail price for each pouch is $1.99. Find them in your local, Long Island specialty grocery, convenience or liquor store.

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