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Erotica book review: Shades of Submission by Rebecca Rowels

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Shades of Submission


Shades of Submission is an interesting read for all the Fifty Shades fans. This story is an erotic BDSM short tale written by author Rebecca Rowels.

The story takes place when divorcee Sara Starr meets the handsome artist and masseur Johan Macgregor through an online website. Through email exchanges and pictures Sara fell for Johan not only because he was handsome but because there was something about him that intrigued her deeply. But what she dreamed of most of all was learning what it meant to submit.

Johan, seemed to be a man who looked like he should be on the cover of a romance novel. His interest included taking erotic images of women during acts of submission. Sara seemed almost mesmerised by his charm and the mere thought of being his sub. Johan, was a man who appeared to know what he wanted and was in control.

It was his plan to break her down and build her back up to become his sub. Sara wasted no time to give into his training. But, was she really ready to learn what it meant to submit?

This story was written in erotic diary entries that was written to both tease and arouse the reader and this was accomplished through various titillating scenes throughout the story. Shades of Submission is indeed a very short read, coming in at approximately 31 pages. However, this story is a keeper for those who are interested in BDSM stories.

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