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Erotic romance book review: Dane by Liliana Hart

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Dane is an awesome erotic romance story about love lost and found again. After leaving his home town to pursue a career in California, for ten years, Dane Mackenzie returns to his home town of surrender, Montana. By chance, he ran into his first love Charlotte Munroe after his rental car broke down shortly after returning to town.

Dane and Charlotte argued and fought, but both realized their love for each other had been unchanged and seemed to be deeper than what they had remembered. The chemistry between the two was undeniably sizzling. The two explored each other’s feelings and reunited emotionally and physically. Little did Dane know that Charlotte had a secret of her own that she had been hiding for all of these years, something that would change the course of their relationship.

Dane has an interesting story line that is erotic, but will also tug at your heart just to keep you interested. The story line was developed very well. This story is short and sweet, and a definite read for anyone who is looking for a story that is more than just sex but has more depth. Coming in at only 57 pages it is well worth your time and it’s currently free on Amazon @