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Eron Falbo, 73 Album Review

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Eron Falbo, 73


I've always enjoyed walking out on a high note. I got it from an episode of Seinfeld where George walked out of work after getting the entire office to laugh at a joke. Get in, get your response and get out. Not a bad way to make the audience happy. That is exactly what Eron Falbo does with his debut album 73. With ten songs, coming in at 37 minutes, it gets in, does its thing and gets out before you have a chance to realize what happened. Thing is with music, not knowing what happened is what makes you play it again. Well played Eron, well played.

Produced by the iconic Bob Johnston (Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Simon and Garfunkel) and he brings out the layered emotion from every instrument at play. Guitar riffs accent the right lyrics, piano keys tickle then grab you by the throat, the album is expertly put together. Eron Falbo, wrote many of the songs himself, and through the right production was allowed to fully craft the songs he may have heard in his head. The opening song, “A Baby Step of Faith” is a great introduction into what 73 has in store, but isn’t indicative of the range Eron has on the rest of the album

73 plays like a sampling of talent. Eron Falbo is clearly a talented musician, and with each song almost focusing on a different facet of his skill, you walk away with a fully painted picture. There are songs that are fun to clap and sing to, others to sit and reflect, altogether making for a great listen. The influence of artists that Johnston has produced is evident in Falbo’s lyrics and song structure. The use of female backing vocals much like an older Soul or R&B artist, or the use of introspection juxtaposed with self-deprecated humor is all throughout the album. It almost felt like I was listening to a well done parody of an artist ala Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, but 73 drips with sincerity in a way that keeps you laughing with, not at it.

Not to overstate the work done on 73, it’s not perfect. It feels very much like a debut effort from a promising artist with decades of expert production experience behind it to mask any shortcomings. Thing is, only other music snobs would care about that, and dock a man “points” because of it, but to the person just looking for something to listen to while cleaning the house or taking a drive to work, it gets the job done.

Eron Falbo, 73 is available through iTunes, Amazon and on SoundCloud

Worth a Listen: I’ll See You Again, You Don’t Know Where Your Interests Lie, I Want It All


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