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Erin Andrews Co-Host's Season 18 Of 'Dancing with the Stars"

'Dancing with the Stars"


While Brooke Burke is being Quick-Changed off the dance floor of the popular, 'Dancing with the Stars" before the spring of season 18 of the hit competition series. Less than a year after Brooke announced that she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, in her own personal media video from home. A little unusual, for her to announce such a private matter.

Erins  'Dancing with the Stars"
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Meanwhile compare another hostess on TV for over 30 years, "Wheel of Fortunes" 56 year old Vanna White has probably, silently has been through worse, even last summer Brooke probably suspected her "DWTS" hostess duties were on the line. But there was no visible sympathy on the air from her "DWTS" cast or bosses. Even after her treatment of Burke under going a thyroidectomy surgery to remove her thyroid gland.

Regardless, it has happened this past weekend, Brooke was fired from the show after eight seasons as a co-host, ABC execs on Feb. 22, said in a statement, "We can confirm that Brooke Burke will not be joining us next season. She's been a wonderful part of the "Dancing with the Stars" family since her triumphant win in season seven and will unquestionably be missed by our entire team. We'd like to thank Brooke for her years of great service."

Meanwhile the paperwork is being finalized for a Casting Partner switch-up! Foxxy Blonde Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews is set to take over as Tom Bergeron's co-host for season 18 of the hit competition series, ABC's Dancing With the Stars, network execs happily disclosed that they have found an appropriate replacement.

Ah...Erin who??? Just like Brooke, who won Season 7 as a contestant with pro Derek Hough. Andrews competed on the show before landing the hosting opportunity, making her rounds on and off the dance floor in season 10 with dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

You remember what happened that got Erin on "DWTS" to begin with don't you? In July of 2009, the then attractive sideline reporter for ESPN Erin Andrews. Was videotaped by a peeping tom through her rooms peep hole, hmm..unnoticed by passers by in the hall way or security staff, funny I steal a newspaper from somebody's door and I get hauled in for questioning.

Anyway.. Erin was completely nude doing a happy ditty dance while putting on her makeup, it caused a national stir. When the glamorous Miss Andrews,was secretly filmed in 3d nude in her rooms by a stalker 5 years ago posted the videos of her online. Resulting in her suing both Marriott International and Radisson Hotels International for negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

Once the format had been changed for the last falls season, and the dancers' waiting area was moved to the dance floor, there became very little for horrible interviewer Brooke to do, like asked 75 year old Valerie Harper sweating and out of breath if she was tired after a hot dance routine. Many loyal viewers were not surprised by Brook's elimination.

Most of the heavy hosting duties have been done by Emmy Award-winning host Tom Bergeron, being a professional sports interviewer, Erin can add more of a technical aspect other than oh your costume and hair looks great, or, are you tired?

Now the one judge should be gone is, Len Goodman, because, he's too old for the younger generation... Bruno, he doesn't fit a straight male generation, after all how many men ballroom together, only Broadway choreography dancers like Bruno,who're on stage working and that's not "DWTS" main viewer demo.

It's straight couples that complete those Nielsen surveys. So, for the ladies, they should have Maks be the next judge....its time for the whole show to go through a change. Toms sense of humor is wearing a little thin, kinda like seeing Mel Brooks in his movies in every scene all the time.Maybe by next season have ex-pro Juliane Hough also co-host along side Erin.

Anyway, enjoy the new up coming Season 18 of "Dancing With The Stars".

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