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Eric Frisch Merges The Contemporary With The Past On Goodbye Birdcage

Eric Frisch's Goodbye Birdcage


One listen to Eric Frisch and you'll be instantly transported to the pop sounds of the 50s and 60s but with a contemporary twist. The album, Goodbye Birdcage, is a nine track collection of different subjects steeped in indie pop rhythms that are infectious and offer a unique element to the music world.

Eric Frisch - Goodbye Birdcage
Eric Frisch

On "Pretty Girls," Frisch laments on all of the beautiful women he sees in the world and how he can't say a word to them. It is reminiscent of The Beach Boys in its Californian tempo, yet distinctively creative and catchy to the point where you'll find yourself singing along with Frisch toward the end. "Learn To Swim," fashions itself as an alternative melody that showcases Frisch's originality and nod to the legendary music of yesteryear, while the title track, uses a birdcage as a metaphor for breaking free, and experiencing everything life has to offer by breaking free of being held back in a relationship that is not substantial. The piano that dances behind Frisch matches his hopeful tone.

"The Sun In Santiago" sounds like a merging of the Beatles' style, as well as a bow to many of the groups that are equally as memorable and noteworthy. It is upbeat, and provides a sing-a-long quality that is absent from the other songs with the exception of the album's opener. The finale, "Mary Ann" is rowdy cut and sounds live, despite being recorded in a studio.

Eric Frisch has said that many artists including Jackie Wilson, Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Sam Cooke have influenced his writing and overall conceptualization of music. A native of Toronto, Frisch's debut album might be referred to as a blast from the past, but equally timely as well. The performances featured here showcase and display a musician that is not afraid to take risks or craft a project that conjures up memories of the past while still being forward-looking.

Final Grade: A

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