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Ergotron’s LX Desk Mount LCD Arm: Life changing!

Life changing!
Life changing!
Brian Hart

Ergotron’s LX Desk Mount LCD Arm


In the past, this author had never modified his LCD monitors due to the spurious thought that the manufacturer’s stand was “good enough.” The aforementioned idea was immediately and permanently removed from the author’s mind, the instant that he used Ergotron’s LX Desk Mount LCD Arm ($169). Thus, this product not only changed his perspective but also his life at work!

Ergotron, Inc. produces a diverse set of products (such as desk mounts, wall mounts, workstations, and carts) that are all aimed at improving how technology is attached and/or stored with an overall goal of improving efficiency.

The author’s home office computer is a Mac Mini with dual, shared displays. One monitor is positioned directly in front of him, while a second sits at an angel to his left. By default, the latter display holds Apple’s Mail; but, in a moment’s notice, it is also used when the primary display’s screen "real estate" is depleted.

In terms of functionality, the previously described monitor setup worked great for viewing both LCDs, but the angled, second display blocked access to over one third of the desk. So, after several months of using this limiting configuration, the author decided there must be a better solution and began researching LCD desk mounts. While the author had not been previously familiar with Ergotron, Inc., he found their products to be highly reviewed by customers.

Prior to purchase, one must verify that the back of their LCD has a VESA mount (i.e., four holes that are either 100 or 75 mm apart). Next, the monitor’s factory stand needs to be removed. In the author’s case, the screws needing to be taken out were mostly apparent with one exception (a rubber plug hid the last screw). If one has difficulty with this step then either use Google to research and/or contact the monitor’s manufacturer for assistance.

Upon first opening the packaging, the author was struck by the product’s strong aluminum composition that immediately assuaged any concerns of this product’s ability to suspend a monitor. Commonly most items are either made from a majority of plastic or are covered in plastic; yet, this LCD Arm is truly constructed from hefty (weighs just under 8 lbs) metal. In fact, plastic is only used in two discernable areas (both where flexible material is required), as a cap and ingeniously as channel to regulate the display’s cables.

Assembly, as demonstrated in Ergotron’s YouTube video, was logical and clear-cut. The LX Desk Mount LCD Arm is composed of three major pieces: a pole and two parts of an arm.

The pole mounts to the desk either via an adjustable desk clamp (10 to 60 mm thick) or with a grommet mount through a hole (8 to 50 mm wide and up to 76 mm thick). Much like the bones of a human arm (i.e., humerus and radius/ulna), Ergotron’s LX Desk Mount LCD Arm fully extends linearly (approximately 25”) or becomes compact by folding over itself.

Ergotron’s design truly adds a full range of motion (i.e., 360 degrees both at the pole and joint) to one’s previously static display. Moreover, this LCD Arm allows a monitor to be raised, lowered, tilted, as well as put in a landscape or horizontal orientation.

The LX Desk Mount LCD Arm’s sturdy construction, easy assembly, professional design (polished metal with black accents), reasonable price, and added freedom within the workspace literally makes this product a much needed accessory!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Of note, the LX Desk Mount LCD Arm is designed for displays that are equal to or less than 27” and weight 7- 20 lbs (3.1 – 9.1 kg). If your particular product does not fit these specifications, then the author recommends searching Ergotron’s website or contacting them at 800-888-8458.

Perform these instructions at your own risk to yourself and/or your computer, as the author and are not responsible for any injury and/or damage that may occur.

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