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ER plagued with blue urine in season premier of Discovery show

A group of frat boys check into the hospital with the same symptoms, blue urine.
A group of frat boys check into the hospital with the same symptoms, blue urine.
Discovery Fit & Health

Untold Stories of the ER


Discovery Channel’s, Untold Stories of the ER, returns Saturday with an episode that is sure to have viewers singing the blues.

Returning for its 7th season, the most interesting emergency room show on television starts off with an episode titled “Frat Boy Blues”.

Entertaining viewers with its typical pseudo-reenactments, the show takes viewers into the life an obese man who passed out on an airplane. The man was taken to the hospital, accompanied by his nervous travel partner only to discover that he had swallowed heroin filled balloons. His trip was cut short after one of the balloons burst, causing a reaction strong enough to knock him out.

For all of the spider fans out there, Untold Stories of the ER crawls into the life of a pregnant woman who was admitted to the ER with cramps and body pains. Emergency room physician Dr. Eric Snyder was baffled by the case until he discovered a small bite on the woman’s leg, which he suspects came from a Black Widow. Treating the woman could prove difficult, considering the fact that she is pregnant and it is possible that she could lose the baby.

The highlight of the episode takes us to an ER full of Frat boys who are suffering from heart palpitations, rapid heart rate and of all things…blue urine. In an attempt to treat the young men, Dr. Bob Slay also has to fight off a bunch of nosy reporters who caught wind of the strange condition and managed to storm the emergency room looking for a hot story. Dr. Slay is also featured in the show, to explain the curious condition which has inflicted these otherwise healthy young men.

Untold Stories of the ER features real-life drama that is told by doctors and nurses from the emergency room. Many times, these health professionals are featured in the show, which is filmed with complete medical accuracy.

Last season viewers were face to face with a man that had a pipe stuck through his cheek, a naked man with a stove attached to his private parts, and a doctor splattered with lots of blood from a patient.

To find out what happens in Season 7 of Untold Stories of the ER, tune into the premier on Discovery Fit & Health on Saturday at 10pm.