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Episode Review - Broadchurch 1.7

Broadchurch Episode 1.7


Broadchurch airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on BBCAm until 9-18-2013, when the finale closes up the show.

Broadchurch 1.7
BBCAm (my edit)

So many secrets revealed this episode! Hardy is sicker than ever and Ellie has to step up and be the cop she should have been all along, and she gets Susan to talk--she was wife to an abusive man who was sexually assaulting his daughters and killed one of them. She didn't know about it, but the cops and the media thought she did and she blames them for ruining her life and making her a horrible person. She also reveals that she was pregnant at the time and child services took the baby away--and later reveals that it's Nigel, and that she moved to town to meet him and now thinks he's got too much of his father in him and could do anything. She says she saw him leave Danny on the beach.

Nigel, meanwhile, denies that it was him, but he isn't making much of a case for himself by threatening her and her dog--though he never did kill the dog, for which I'm grateful; that dog didn't to anything any more than Danny did! That we know of, anyway.

Meanwhile, Maggie wants Ollie to get an exclusive with Hardy, and he agrees to it on the stipulation that they don't publish for a few days and the implication until after the case is solved. They manage to talk him into finally telling them what went wrong on the Sandbrook case and why the whole investigation fell apart. It was lost evidence--the DS who found the proof that the guy had killed the girl stopped off at a hotel on the way in and her car was broken into, the evidence stolen along with everything else. It was their only hard evidence and everything else was circumstantial. He took the fall for it because the DS who lost it was his wife, was under his command on his watch, and was having an affair that he didn't want their daughter to know about. Maggie and Ollie want to clear his name, but he doesn't want them incriminating her, and he just wants to solve this case.

Also meanwhile:

  • Paul gives Hardy the laptop Tom was smashing up, and he takes it to someone he knows and has the info sent to his personal email to keep it in his control. Right at the very, very end, it seems like something tipped them off to the killer's identity.
  • The bosslady wants him seen by the medical officer, and everyone is sure he'll be declared unfit for duty, so he's working on a severe time crunch, and the stress is only making his illness--revealed as a heart-arrhythmia that's bad enough that they're unsure if he'll survive getting a pacemaker installed--worse.
  • Susan leaves town because Nigel wants her to; he knows now what happened to her family and is acting like a crazy.
  • Miller has people watching Nigel and Susan, but neither seems to be all that good at their jobs because Nigel manages to make all those threats and Susan managed to just walk off.
  • Paul tells Hardy that he saw the boys fighting (and last episode Tom tells Chloe that he hated Danny), but Ellie didn't know about the fight--and Hardy looks like he doesn't quite believe her.
  • Beth and Mark decide to do councilling with Paul, who tells them to go ahead with the sonogram, and see how they feel about the baby then--Beth wants to want it, but keeps running into her grief and sliding back to hating it, and Mark wishes they'd never met because then there'd be no Danny and no loss of him.
  • They also invite Dean over for dinner, and the poor boy accidentally tells them that Nigel used to bring Danny up to his farm to hunt, which he thought they'd cleared with Mark and Beth first.

There's a lot of character drama in this episode, and a ticking clock that somehow manages to make the usually tense atmosphere even more tense.We're getting down to crunch time, and there are things that need to happen quickly to save this case from the Sandbrook file, and everyone is falling apart. Even Ellie and her up-till-now sweet husband seem to be snipping at each other. Hardy is being a little underhanded, and if things don't go well, that's going to bite him in the backside. And the sense of looming doom is just crushing--things have to shake out next episode, and it's probably going to be horrible.

But these last two episodes also seem to indicate that it'll be a little good, too--the Lattimers seem to be pulling together, Hardy might get his reputation restored, at least.

So what did you think of the second-to-last episode? Share in the comments, and if you saw it live in the UK, don't spoil those of us who didn't!

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