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Episode Review - Broadchurch 1.3

Broadchurch Episode 1.3


Broadchurch airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on BBCAm.

Broadchurch 1.3
BBCAm (my edit)

And the tenseness continues! This episode, too, we have the first parts of real sadness and true paranoia as some of the immediate shock wears off. Here's what we learned today:

Most importantly, we learned that Mark was having an affair. He got his coworker Nigel to cover for him and corroborate his alibi, but he was not good at telling the lie and all Ellie had to do was ask his mother where he was for it all to come down. Chloe got Becca to admit to the cops that Mark was with her because they were "having sex" and they finally got Mark to say where he was. He said he wouldn't just tell them because he was ashamed that the very first time he takes his kid for granted, he lost him, and made it sound like it would never happen again and it was just a mistake, but when he met with Becca, he insisted that it wasn't a mistake and sounded like he wanted to keep it up. So we know that Chloe knew what was going on there, and we know that Nigel knew (the text Mark sent him literally said he knew), and since Beth followed him, now she knows, too.

In addition:

  • We know that Beth is restless. She wants out, and she still hasn't told anyone she's pregnant.
  • The Reverend wants to plan a memorial for Danny, since they can't have a funeral, and seems to be the only one who hasn't fallen into denial about the fact that he's dead.
  • Tom still hasn't even hinted that he knows what was going on, beyond the fact that Mark hit Danny "maybe twice", but it looks like DI Hardy isn't quite buying it.
  • Karen the reporter is there without permission, and has made it a personal mission to make sure Hardy doesn't do again whatever happened in the last case like this he failed to wrap up in Sandbourne.
  • Whatever is wrong with Hardy is literally killing him, and he needs to retire before it does. He hates being in Broadchurch, but he won't leave until he solves this case because he sees it as penance for what he failed to do before.
  • Susan the cleaning lady is still horribly unpleasant, and still no one knows about the skateboard in her house.
  • Ellie is starting to see that she can't take things for granted just because she knows the people here, and she doesn't like it; she also doesn't like Hardy, but she's too nice to snub him. She's invited him for dinner, which ticks her off and confuses him, and when she handled the case meeting at the beginning of the episode, he made her a cup of tea which, so far, is the only act of giving of any sort we've seen from him.
  • The psychic telephone repairman manages to convince Beth to hear him out and he says she shouldn't look for Danny's killer because it is someone she knows well and it'll only upset her and make things worse. This leads to her asking Mark if he did it and then him walking out--and that's when she followed him to Becca.

And so we have cracks showing more and more, and this is only the third episode! The town is falling apart, secrets are starting to surface and are already making things worse, and Hardy is not the invincible hard-a** he shows to the world, but a damaged and sick man who wants to do one last good thing to redeem himself.

The show continues to be mostly quiet, but that just makes the emotional outbursts that much more alarming, and that much truer when they happen. This episode, it feels like we've made progress, even if that progress wasn't quite in the direction of solving the case, but there is still so much more to come. Every episode unfolds just enough to let us know that we don't know hardly anything about the people here or how they work together. But man is it compelling watching them.

What did you think of Broadchurch Episode 3?

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