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Episode Review - Broadchurch 1.2

Broadchurch 1.2
Broadchurch 1.2
BBCAm (my edit)

Broadchurch Episode 1.2


Boradchurch airs on Wednesday Nights at 10pm on BBCAm.

Spoilery. TLDR: No solid suspects yet, but everyone is super-shady.

Episode 2 picks up basically where episode 1 left off, and the investigation is really just getting started, even now. No suspects, though the old guy who gave Danny the papers for his route every morning says he saw the kid fighting with the mailman. The mailman denies all knowledge. Karen, the newpaper lady, is using her wiles on Olly, and trying to make friends with troubled sister Chloe. Reverend Paul makes a statement that he and the church are there for the whole town and Danny's father Mark chases him down and attacks him.

The biggest movements in this episode are in stuff that may not even be linked to Danny's murder: CSI finds 500 pounds taped to the underside of Danny's bed, and a baggie of coke in Chloe's room. Chloe says the money isn't to do with her and she got the coke for Becca, who runs the hotel where DI Hardy is staying. Becca says she got it for a couple who were staying there and spending a lot of money, but Chloe took so long to get it to her that the couple had left and she gave it back; neither she or Chloe gives away that it's Chloe's older boyfriend Dean who got it for them, but now Dean's panicking.

The Lattimers are given a police liaison officer who doesn't seem to be able to do much to help them or calm them, and there's no information for him to give anyway.


  • Danny's mom Beth confides to the Reverend that she's pregnant and hasn't told anyone. Beth's mom pushes the Reverend to care for the community.
  • Mark's alibi comes into question when the CCTV footage comes in and shows him waiting at the parking lot by the cliff instead of being at someone's house fixing their plumbing.
  • DI Hardy turns down coffee and dinner from Ellie, which starts looking suspicious when he has a freakout that makes the world blurry and requires him to take two emergency pills.
  • Ellie is getting less and less patient with DI Hardy, who keeps enforcing his separateness from the community and trying to get her to do the same.
  • Right at the beginning of the episode, Beth and Mark give Ellie a list of people they think "could have done it" and it's all their friends and neighbors.
  • Danny's social media info is recovered from his hard drive and there's all the cryptic notes about how he knows what he's doing, things about his dad not paying attention to him, vague mentions of something going on. They haven't discovered yet that Tom erased a lot of stuff, and he hasn't had to talk to the cops yet.
  • One of the shop-owners is griping in the bar about how this damages the town's reputation and stops people from visiting the town, and gets shot down and basically told to shut up--but he seems like the sort who won't stop just because they told him to, so I'm sure we'll hear from him again.

Then, one of the telephone guys who comes to the police to add more lines for all the calls they're getting claims to have psychic information about Danny's death; he says he was in a boat. Hardy is not pleased at all. In fact, he's flat out disgusted and wrathful, and when the repairman mentions something about "she forgives you for the pendant", Hardy is even less willing to listen and kicks him out.

And then the kicker:

Susan, who lives in a camper out on the coast and cleans houses, gives DI Hardy the keys to look at the cabin on the cliff, and we see that she has Danny's skateboard in her closet, and that's one of the things the police are specifically looking for. And that makes her shady, as if her uncooperative behavior wasn't, especially when CSI looks at the cabin, finds that it's been "aggressively cleaned" except for blood that matches Danny's by the door and fingerprints that match Mark's by the sink.

What a tense note to end on!

We get a lot of character work in this episode, and it's fantastic. The quality and the tight, mysterious mood of the first episode is maintained and expanded, and it's moving along nicely without actually giving too much away. The town is starting to crack, just little, and all these suspicions and prejudices are coming up to the surface. It makes you paranoid, wondering who did it, who knew about it, what was going on the whole time before this happened, and I feel like that's exactly the sort of tone the show should have--and that it nails it perfectly. Everyone, just about, has at least one question hanging over them right now, and keeping track of where those questions lead and who knows the answers and how they intersect with other questions is one of the main joys of this show so far.

I literally do not have anything to complain about for this series yet. The characters are strong and distinct and everyone has their own motives and lives and secrets; the pacing in perfect so far, and we're getting information without giving too much away; the mystery is deepening in such a way that we know at least two important pieces of information--Tom's actions and the skateboard--that the cops don't know yet, which adds another layer of anticipation to the tenseness that's already there...I'm frankly impressed.

And I'm worried about what'll happen to it if / when the US version comes out.

What did you think about Broadchurch Episode 2? Share theories and reactions in the comments, but if you've seen it already when it aired in the UK, be sure to mark your spoilers so those watching live can enjoy the twists and turns as they happen!


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