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EP Review: Caroline Glaser gives voice to 'Vol. 1'

Caroline Glaser's "Caroline Glaser Vol. 1" EP


Fans of "The Voice" will undoubtedly recognize the name of Caroline Glaser. This Missouri-bred singer-songwriter stole the judges hearts on the popular NBC reality singing program but ultimately did not win the big prize. It would be short-sighted, however, to label Caroline Glaser a loser of any caliber. If anything, Glaser's run on "The Voice" has only further fueled her musical career.

Cover image for Caroline Glaser's "Caroline Glaser Vol. 1"

Her first EP release, directly titled "Caroline Glaser Vol. 1", is a big red message to the judges who didn't see fit to pass Glaser into the next round: look at what you're missing out on! Even with only three songs, it is a masterfully produced EP and showcases Glaser's soulful country vocals and guitar playing.

Caroline Glaser's set of songs opens with "Money Tree", a song that literally thrums with the energy of her guitar and her voice. There's also a beautiful cello accompaniment that goes to elevates the track. It's also the most upbeat song on the EP, setting listeners up to be serenaded softly through the following tracks, the beat growing from fast to slow over the course of three songs.

The next song, "Rosalee", I almost thought was a cover. It sounded like a classic track already. There is no doubt that "Rosalee" is pure country with a bit of twang, but it's not a harsh twang at all like some mainstream country songs tend to have. Plus, I have to give Glaser major points for singing a song about another woman and not trying to fudge the gender specific pronouns, which other artists are wont to do.

"Caroline Glaser Vol. 1" closes with, of all things, a rather audacious cover - that of Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into The Dark", which itself has quickly become a standard for guitarists to try their hand at. Glaser makes no qualms about putting her own signature spin on the track while retaining the original song's melancholy heart.

It's an unorthodox cover of this song, yes, but it works so well, any Death Cab For Cutie fan would find themselves approving of it. Plus, the stripped down opening for this latest cover is the greatest moment on the EP for Glaser's voice to come through as it is, deep and round as it is.

"Vol. 1" may be short, but it does not lack in depth. And it is only the first in a series for Glaser; she has already announced that she is currently in the studio, recording volume two. For her fans, who have been with her before and after her time on "The Voice", it is news to celebrate. With her first EP, Glaser has marked herself as an artist to watch. It will be with her second that we see if she is worth following further.

The EP "Caroline Glaser Vol. 1" is currently available at Amazon and iTunes. It is also streaming on Spotify.

Note: Caroline Glaser is currently running a PledgeMusic campaign so fans can help finance the release of her second EP. As of writing this, it sits with fifty-eight days left and is less than halfway funded.

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