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EP review: Blast your spring open with Greek Fire's 'LOST' release

Greek Fire's "LOST" EP


Rock band Greek Fire has been Saint Louis' best kept secret for so long, it's become time to let them loose on the rest of the world. Their music has been on heavy rotation on Saint Louis radio stations for so long, it's almost inconceivable that it hasn't happened sooner. If there's been an effort of theirs that will spring their sound onto the national stage proper, “LOST” is it.

Promotional image for Greek Fire's "LOST" EP, now available online.
Greek Fire's official Tumblr

This newest EP from Greek Fire is a literal labor of love. It came into being through the efforts of the band's fans, who tirelessly funded it through an online campaign and brought it into being in overwhelming numbers. If anything, “LOST” is a singular piece of proof that Greek Fire has one of the most dedicated fan bases for a band in the state of Missouri.

The “LOST” EP opens with its two main singles, “A Real Life” and “Top of the World”, which were released previously to the EP dropping this week. It's obvious why they were made singles from the first listen. They are both highly polished and radio ready, with the kind of infectious beats and catchy hooks that some artists only dream of achieving. Plus, if you attended their 2011 show at Pop's in Sauget, you heard “A Real Life” before anyone else, and you know which part of the song is actually call-and-answer when performed live.

Even not as singles, they are fantastic tracks. “A Real Life” is pure rock punctuated by Johnny Venus' typically ace drumming and a guitar solo that slays all others. Meanwhile, “Top of the World” is a life anthem, a song for cranking loud and long on your iPod as you face the day.

“Coming Alive” starts off quiet – deceptively quiet, as it quickly builds up into a rolling crescendo of drums, guitars, and flowing vocals. It's very classic Greek Fire and a model example of their music style. If they wanted to pick another track from this EP to make their next single, “Coming Alive” would be it.

Listeners probably did not expect a David Bowie cover to be on a Greek Fire album, but that is what they got with their cover of “I'm Afraid Of Americans”, featuring Stephen Christian. It is definitely their most experimental track of their discography so far, but it doesn't suffer at all from the mesh of styles. If anything, Greek Fire's take on this Bowie classic brings it into the twenty-first century and shows that this band can make any song their own without disrespecting the original.

Not content to end on a slow note, the “LOST” EP ends with “Fever”, in which the guitars and Moon's vocals are on fire. It's slow only if one considers a bullet train sluggish by comparison. The guitars spiral and cut through the track from beginning to end and make “Fever” a closing treat that both leaves listeners satisfied and wanting more – not from the track, but from the band itself.

The “LOST” EP only has five tracks, which means each song has to stand alone without any sort of filler of B-track quality. Luckily, each song on this release is a winner. Greek Fire continues in creating solid rock music tracks for heavy rotation, all heavily tinged in their style that has set them apart from other bands. Saint Louis has already been thoroughly convinced that Greek Fire is worth following; now it's the rest of America's turn to take notice and follow.

Greek Fire's newest EP is currently available via iTunes and Amazon. It is also currently streaming via Spotify.

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