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Entertainment the Proxima way

Proxima: a online service for the entertainment & media sector
Proxima: a online service for the entertainment & media sector
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Proxima, a leading international procurement services provider, has launched an online initiative to help companies in the media and entertainment sector across Chicago and beyond.

Its claiming their new service will better manage outside suppliers and costs by expanding its online resources to include content, analysis and insight specific to the industry.

Executives within media and entertainment companies around the world can now access Proxima’s expanded content hub to gain a better understanding of the issues and trends influencing external spend and to better focus the company’s collection of suppliers to assist in driving business performance and achieving functional aims.

Proxima focuses primarily on the media and entertainment sector. Their goal is to help organizations successfully drive maximum value from suppliers and improve profitability in an industry that is becoming increasingly virtualized and reliant on external suppliers.

“Digitization along with changes in technology and consumer consumption of content has had a dramatic impact on the organizational structure and spending habits of companies in the media and entertainment sector,” said Matthew Eatough, CEO of Proxima. “Companies in this space are now directing 55% of revenues towards third party suppliers and are spending twice as much on suppliers as they are their own people.”

“Identifying the right suppliers, managing them appropriately and deriving the greatest possible value at minimum risk are the core challenges facing many of these companies today. Proxima equips these companies with the knowledge and ability to better manage their virtualized workforce in a way that positively impacts the bottom line,” continued Eatough.

Material and content from Proxima’s media and entertainment content hub is accessible at: