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Entertainment Spotlight: ‘Rapture Palooza’

'Rapture Palooza'


If you are in the mood for a quirky comedy of biblical proportions this weekend than look no further than ‘Rapture Palooza,’ currently available on Netflix instant. Similar to ‘This Is The End’ in its premise (the survivor’s tale of those left behind after the rapture), this take focuses on “normal people” who weren’t dutiful in the Christian faith. So, when the faithful are lifted into the heavens, the “meh about Jesus” crowd are left on Earth to deal with those truly sinful as well as the droves of wraiths (zombie-like drones), foul-mouthed locusts, falling meteors, evil henchmen, as well as their master, the lord of the underworld himself, Craig, or “the beast” as he prefers to be called, personified by Craig Robinson (who is also in ‘This is The End,’ just not as Satan).

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The story focuses on Lindsey Lewis, Anna Kendrick, and Ben House, John Francis Daley, a young couple left behind who decide to use this opportunity to finally start their own business. They still live with their parents (one of whom is Rob Corddry). While the story is entertaining, what really elevates this movie to a must see are the unmissable cameos/bit parts – particularly Ken Jeong’s omnipotent role.